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  1. I actually remembered my password

    its worth 750 mill or something :) haha, dont ban me 
  2. I actually remembered my password

    I will! 
  3. I actually remembered my password

    https://imgur.com/a/AOUUX Best investment I ever made. Bought a Santa hat for 100m and logged in a few years later. PM me for good flipping advice.  Cool to see some of you guys are still going strong in this forum, hope you are all doing alright irl! :) 
  4. Need A Good Sci-Fi/action Movie

  5. Greatest Snowboarding Playlist Of All Time

    thanks will cheak it out :)
  6. Racist Pizza Delivery Guy

  7. First Try

    gods favor you
  8. Blind Or Deaf

    conclusion: you can't play runescape if you are blind //
  9. Finals Week

    Finished all my exams, got D,D,C,B is army stuff. pretty happy :)
  10. Biggest Life Decision Ive Made

    soon to be sjt in norwegian signal battalion :) Done with all my exams, soon done :D Good luck in the army man, infantry sounds fun.
  11. Pjed Irl

    who wants some?
  12. Ffs

    yes ^^
  13. Ffs

    He dosnt play runescape, if he did, he would probably join eop or rot
  14. Ffs

    Was thinking just the same thing :/