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  1. Selling Pk Tab + Some Random Items

    ill take those rockshell legs if you're still selling - pm me 'dibb'
  2. Worst Thing You've Ever Done?

    Underage driving in a friends car & getting pulled by the police...so dumb
  3. Tiny Achievement

    Same i think
  4. Sharkies

    How long this take from around 55 mate? Tempted to grind it out
  5. Rares

    People will now know hat they'll be rare and keep hold of them unlike before
  6. Free 10K Xp Lamp

    love this, was 9k away from 58 slayer and bored as ****.
  7. Max Str

    Makes me want def!
  8. Runescape Theme Songs

    Has to be the lumbridge one....dont know the name
  9. Time. To. Quest.

    haha know how it feels mate
  10. Days Of Tedious Skills

    As soon as i have a free day for agility it'll be done!
  11. Black Dhide Master Race

    gz...in the middle of this now; painful
  12. Days Of Tedious Skills

    thats the plan
  13. Days Of Tedious Skills

    wish i could use it
  14. Cave Horrors Log

    nice, quested just need to get slayer up and i'll be doing the same..
  15. New Record For Me

    sweet, this is next for me