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  1. Can I Have My Ex Mm Rank Back Plz

  2. Hey

    checking in with my once a year post. Anyone remember me? How's RS been?
  3. First Time Seeing Girl n***d

    I was legit like 6 or 7 years old and this older neighbor girl that was like 11 or 12 told me to suck on her tit or something and I was like ok. She was completely n***d and I had the biggest b***r and didn't know wtf was going on.
  4. Nl/belgium Mm Meetup

    I'll fly from US to Amsterdam for a meetup if you guys promise to speak in english.
  5. Listen Up Fuckfaces

    I agree. The people doing it think they're being funny and original, but it's not. The people that are making those 1 word "lol/lmfao/fk u fr0ze" comments are more annoying than the person they're making fun of. The redundant comments that are always by the same people need to stop. It's an infectious attitude that spreads to newer members. Especially since these comments are being made by Veteran and Elite members.
  6. Listen Up Fuckfaces

  7. I Don't Wanna Play This Game Anymore

    New Range Rover right there y'all.
  8. I Just Wanted To Say

  9. Anyone Ever Work On Oil Riggs?

    I will be in 4 years. Petroleum engineering major. I've heard it's 6 weeks on 6 weeks off.
  10. Now That I Think About It.. I've Lost $500+ Playing Rs

    Yessir. Reopening this Summer!
  11. Reddit repost. Be original son.
  12. I still have more money than I would if I didn't stake, but I've probably lost like $500 staking these past few months. I'd get to +40m in a day then lose 30m because I'd get cocky. Happens every time. I'm still up like 30m but still, if I would have been smart and dropped back to doing 1m stakes instead of 10m ones, then I'd be up quite a bit more. Oh well, such is life of a staker lol. Easy come, easy go.
  13. Syria's Capital ' Damascus' Hit By A Huge Bomb

    It was Israel. Edit: Just realized this was taken right off reddit. Word for word. lmao
  14. Visage

    Congrats, you're THAT guy. You're the extremism that most atheists despise, even in their own faith. Congrats bud, glad my Jamaican buddy is a high roller now.
  15. Am I A High Roller Yet?

    You cheated though?