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  1. :kanye:

    that emote still haunts me to this day
  2. Best Cover/tittle/song Name Ever

    book cover: Movie Title: pain + gain Song Name: We Own It
  3. 07 F2P Gallery

    how many 2h's/scims did you start with?
  4. Neunty Neun

  5. Rebuild From 0Gp

  6. Mith Gloves

    still getting the skill reqs atm lol.
  7. 4 More :)

    nice man, keep it up
  8. Xx M0Cr0 Xx - Oldschool Pk Video 1 - 50 Attack Ownage

    aren't you foe? foe tele? lol
  9. I Promised I'd Upload This...

    i dont careeeeeeee, i love it. i don't careee
  10. that guy is a mug
  11. 28 28 Dds

  12. 80 Mage :)

  13. was alright but make shorter next time. can't watch vids that are longer than 5/6 mins anymore