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  1. 22 Def Gf Firecape Scammed :)

    I feel for you man, same thing happened to me back in 2007. It really sucks, but at least you've got a good attitude about it and your account is salvageable.
  2. Whats Your Favorite Pk Vid Of All Time!?

    Thanks for bringing up Cl4ssic, one of my favorite pk vids, and I had completely forgotten about it.
  3. Max Hit Calc?

    Ok awesome, thanks for the help guys
  4. Max Hit Calc?

    So say I got a value of 138 from that, would it round to 14 or down to 13? I wasn't sure how that worked.
  5. Max Hit Calc?

    Does anyone know of a max hit calc for oldschool rs? I know tip.it and runehq used to have them, but it doesn't work using waybackmachine on tip.it, which is where I get most of my guides. Can anyone help?
  6. Buying F2P Gear

    I can sell you green dhide sets, how many you need? PM me in game.
  7. Wrongful Bans? Your Thoughts..

    Did anybody happen to see the difference in players online before and after the massive bans? It seems to all have happened in a short period of time, just wondering how many got banned, it seems like a ton.
  8. Unbeliveable, Worst Experience In 07 Scape Soo Far

    I did Underground Pass yesterday, I forgot how awful it is. I did it with 57 agility and it was annoying. Trying to kill that damn spider was so hard with 39 hp, 15 pray, and 1 def.
  9. Agility Tip

    Anybody have/know of a house to make them in?
  10. Agility Tip

    33 crafting, but they need to be made on a level 4 table which is 42 construction
  11. Agility Tip

    Anybody know any open houses with a level 4 crafting table?
  12. Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos Out Today

    They're really good, and not overpowering like the Nacho Cheese ones. Oh yeah, and they will put one in as the hard shell in a cheesy gordita crunch!
  13. List Of My Quest Tutorials For Pures

    These are awesome, thanks so much. I did The Grand Tree and The Feud today using your guides, going to do Tree Gnome Village and Troll Stronghold soon.
  14. Welf Pk Trip, Details Inside

    The chaos ele and a green dragon got quite a few lol
  15. Welf Pk Trip, Details Inside

    I'll be there, maybe a few mins late, buying runes