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  1. Let Us All Stand For A Minute Silence

    Here to pay my respects     rip
  2. Remember That Time Epidemic Went Into P2P?

    Not bad, and yourself?
  3. Remember That Time Epidemic Went Into P2P?

    on occasion, I get nostalgic for scape.
  4. Video Editors

    Going to assume this is what Toxic was on about when he pmed me
  5. Video Editors

    Bob wasn't the reason I left, IRL was. Gotta move on with life at some point ya know. Checking forums now because Toxic PM'd me.
  6. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Monster. It's set in Germany just after the USSR collapsed. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0434706/ It's about a doctor who saves a patient only to discover he's a serial killer. Then he goes out trying to catch him because of the guilt. No over the top or supernatural b******t. Though the last act does kinda get a lil silly. The ending is kinda different, not what you would expect at all.
  7. yeah :( and when ever I'd get close to finishing Jagex would update summin like prayer points and everyone would tell me to recollect clips. Gave up when they updated all the amour.
  8. Sat Trip Last Trip Ever?

    should at least post in alliance so ex mm can see it.
  9. Runescape's Reputation Compared To Others

    I used to hide it, then I met this girl that I rather liked. I told her about runescape. I thought it was a huge deal and a massive leap of trust, this would make or break us. She was just like oh, ok. Never heard of the game.
  10. A Fuckin Feel Topic

  11. I was out walking today, and I heard a faint "Arrrrroooooooooo" in the distance. I knew it was the cry to war. I am here to answer the call. You have my axe.
  12. Post A Picture Of Your...collection

    This is my trophy collection, so far I only have the one :(