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  1. Let Us All Stand For A Minute Silence

    Here to pay my respects     rip
  2. Remember That Time Epidemic Went Into P2P?

    Not bad, and yourself?
  3. Remember That Time Epidemic Went Into P2P?

    on occasion, I get nostalgic for scape.
  4. Video Editors

    Going to assume this is what Toxic was on about when he pmed me
  5. Video Editors

    Bob wasn't the reason I left, IRL was. Gotta move on with life at some point ya know. Checking forums now because Toxic PM'd me.
  6. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Monster. It's set in Germany just after the USSR collapsed. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0434706/ It's about a doctor who saves a patient only to discover he's a serial killer. Then he goes out trying to catch him because of the guilt. No over the top or supernatural b******t. Though the last act does kinda get a lil silly. The ending is kinda different, not what you would expect at all.
  7. Already posted here but figured I would repost in senior so the people who scout will get to see it. This trick enables you to log on the same world with multiple accounts without needing to use two browsers and click log in at the same time. 1. Go to C:/, and there will be the runescape cache downloaded, probably named: ".jagex_cache_32". Go in it. 2. There will be a file named: "random.dat". Right click and select "Properties". 3. Go to the tab "General" and there'll be an option "Attributes", tick mark "Read-only". Now play RuneScape and you'll be able to multi-login without fast switching of clients and clicking "Play".
  8. Where, Oh Where Is Solo King?

    Rules are simple, take this picture. and chronicle the adventures of solo king. Here is solo king chillin at a Barry Manilow concert.
  9. Challenge For The Media Sector!

    ICS created a amazing Graffiti MM logo, I thought it was amazing, so I inked it :) now it's up to you to colour it! I wanna see what people come up with. Here is a link to the image http://tldr.me/a7d6z2.png - warning it's quite large at 2000x2000px Thats what I ended up with. EDIT: I submitted this thread to Jagex to see what they come up with ROFL!
  10. Guide To Setting Up A Screen Recorder

    JACK_X2YZ's guide on how to record runescape For a long time I have been scouring the internet to find the perfect software and codecs to film runesape with. The current "standard" for runescape recording is to use camtasia studio with the TSCC codec. There are several flaws with this, firstly is the weight of camtasia studio it's self, its a glutens program that doesn't agree with runescape causing most players sever lag. Secondly camtasia uses a three second countdown, which obvious if you wish to record your fights is not very practical. Another down side to camtasia is that you are meant to pay for it after the 30 days or over, I wanted to find a completely free alternative. I downloaded literally hundreds of screen recorder and codecs, testing them all out for compatibility with runescape. I believe Debut with the TSCC codec is the best screen recorder out there. Step 1: Installing Step 1 - Part 1: Download and installing TSCC Click this link http://download.techsmith.com/tscc/tscc.exe and install the codec Step 1 - Part 2: Download and installing Debut Click this link http://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/debutsetup.exe and install Debut (make sure to only install debut, it trys to trick you into installing more) Step 2: Set Debut to use the TSCC codec Step 2 - Part 1:Open debut and click the "screen" button at the top (it's the selected button in the image below) and you should see a screen much like this one (see below) In the bottom left corner it says "record as" with a drop down box next to it (Saying .avi in the picture) click it and make sure it's set to .avi Step 2 - Part 2: Next to where you just set Debut to record as a .avi there is a button saying "Encoder Options" click it, a new box should appear Make sure it looks like the following Step 2: Part 3 - Next click the "Edit Output..." button next to the "Encoder Options..." button and make sure it looks like the following Step 3: Setting the record area Step 3 - Part 1: Along the top there should be a button saying "Selections" if you refer back to the first image it's clearly visible, there is a little diagram of a white screen. Click this button and this screen will open click Add Rectangle and follow the on-screen instructions. After selecting a name, click on the option that should have been generated in the white section and click "use this selection" Step 4: Options The option section is really up to you, customise it for how you want to use it. The options are rather user friendly and straight forwards. In this section you can set what happens when you press record, wether it bleeps, minimizes etc. You can also change the default hotkeys. There is also a usefull option under the "other" tab called "Sound Record Tone Every (seconds)" this option will bleep every 30 seconds (default) when recording, this is the only indication to remind you it's still running, I have had times where I have accidental ran the recorder for several hours because I forgot it was turned on. Also if you would want to utilise the snap shot utility change the compression type to .png under the snapshots tab. And that's it, you should now be able to record quickly and easily, just click the big red button or the keystroke (default is Shift+F6) then click stop recording when your done (default is Shift+F7) then simply navigate to your output folder (default is C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Videos\Debut) Thats it, you have now recorded footage! Now you just need to open up your editing software of choice and edit it! Credit: Jack_x2yz - author and researcher Speshls Own - Editor Pump - Test dummy
  11. Damis Safe Spot

    I'm about to do Damis on a lvl 65 pure with 11 pray... Was wondering if any of those safe spot still work (cave to the north, stalagmite or giant rat)
  12. Rate The Sig Above You

    Rate the sig above you out of 10, simple.