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  1. We Going Hard Boys

  2. Just Got Scammed 700K By Only Extacy

  3. Depression

    i think everyone deals with depression once in their life. its naturalllllllllllll. but uhh i used to do alot of drugs, alot. but lifitng is a good way to relieve stress, more of a long term option too. or play games. moreso playing games now. ffs
  4. Mind Controlling Fungus

  5. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    i feel like i always get crap team mates in ranked cuz i never lose my lane :( :( anyone wana form a team.. or summat. solo que ranked boring Uploaded with ImageShack.us :(
  6. Worst Thing About The Military

  7. League Of Legends Contacts

    doghorseman pls add i need friends
  8. Worst Thing About The Military

    what branch and mos? yeah the military has alot of point less s**t .. fire guard in basic, cq duty, HURRY UP AND WAIT .. im a 68wm6 in the army... not so bad now but it started off rough.
  9. :3

    my thread died before hitting 60 range. good to be back on forums (:H:) (:H:) (:H:) (:H:) (:H:) (:H:) (:H:) :'( sry sir
  10. Wow... Im Shocked...

    if he's like what frank yang is to me, good s**t then no **** maybe a lil
  11. Zanik Getting Reddit Attention

    i don't get it, someone pls explain sry im dumb :( he's a forum quest and he's getting attention on reddit?? how kewl. take advantage and ask for fr33 stuff
  12. :3

    pls no :( 9k to 59 ranging. no lifing cuz no werk today. where did i go wrong
  13. :3

    i'm almost 60 ranged, just wondering how everyone elses training is going. i like 07scape being back but i hate the grinding.. its back.. ps im afk training and playing lol, if anyone down for a game add doghorseman hope no one notices that was point of topic :P