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  1. Hi

  2. Mm Mains/people Who Still Play

    damn didn't even know this was happening. Just joined chat under "Hey Milky"
  3. Who

  4. Toxic Slay Road To 99 Wc!

    cute account
  5. Resizable Mode

    as soon as they come out with the option to zoom it will be great.
  6. Mm Forums Activity 2015

    s**t has it really been that long
  7. Hey!

    hopefully not srs.
  8. Midseason Invitational Thread

    doubtful, he's been matched up with really good players so you can't really judge it that well. But knowing how TSM only wants to win worlds who knows what Regi is gonna do.
  9. That's exactly what I tried. Google SQL is weird though sometime and wouldn't let me upload it from google storage to google sql. I just gave up and hosted it on another site.
  10. So yeah I have a database on mySQL workbench. I need to upload it to google SQL. I already have google developers console and an instance that i'm paying for. For some reason I can't get the database onto the cloud though. Halp
  11. So What Do I Do

    Been that way for a while now.
  12. Dropping Class In College

    My school made us teach ourselves calculus so if you can't even do it with a teacher then you aren't trying hard enough. Get a tutor and quit blaming others.... you're in college now.
  13. Post Your Lil Guys? Post Your Lil Guys

    this game is so hard