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  1. Past; Present; Future

    past: been hopping around different jobs, not really finding any that suit me, pretty much living my life on co-pilot right now, automatically doing what people expect of me but not what i want. present: currently in this project/series of tests to find something that suits me more/the best, been lurking mm forams again for the past few days so i might finally post again ever since ages future: just want to find a permanent job that i like. edit: oh and future: no more flirts/bullshits with girls, perma-gf before i turn 23 (turned 22 in august) + finish this project car im working on.
  2. War?

    mandatory response to topic title: what is it good for ?
  3. Beta Things Said On The Forum

    so much cringe ahahaha
  4. Smite

    ye i played in beta aswell and somehow it didnt get my interest, been playing it for over a week now and cant get enough for some reason :P there have been so many changes/new gods/tweaks to the game
  5. Smite

    Yeah I've played a bunch of Nemesis aswell, so much damage, mobility and a nice tanky feel to it. Mostly play solo lane/jungle myself.
  6. Smite

    I'm surprised there hasnt been a topic about this yet (just scrolled down first page, cba) seeing as so many of you guys are into league. Basically the game has come out of beta about a month ago. Some gameplay videos of pretty much all the gods (characters/champions/whichever)
  7. Wasted On Lol

    rlndd, you've spent about 1911 hours on League of Legends which means 80 days of your life. You are 77328th on euw servers and 223912th in the world. cbf adding all my accounts up so i'll just post my main
  8. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    so i took a break for about half a year, come back and decided to play my placement matches. game 1: easy game nothing to it game 2: our evelynn jungle dies 3 times in a row in an attempt to gank, ragequits at the 3rd death. game 3: my entire team is complaining about how they are lagging, adcarry dc's 5min into the game and reconnects 5min before the end game 4: same as game 1. glad (but not really) to see league hasnt changed one bit. hope i wont get more games filled with leavers or i'll end up like some silver shitter after my promos lel
  9. Game Of Thrones Season 4

    this so much, i must admit when our little shitter died i actually cheered irl. i seriously was yelling f**k YEAH FINALLY YOU d*****t. am i going to hell now?
  10. How Long Have You Been Here

    from 05-06 somewhere i think? cant even remember
  11. I Read 2 Different Topics

    nice member number phaggot lelelelelele wait what did you just say you sucked a guys dick ?
  12. People That Feed On Renekton

    just quoting to highlight you complimenting me, that'll be all
  13. Who Is Your Favorite Champ/why?

    top: renek/bruiser nidalee mid: used to be akali but riot kept nerfing her patch after patch and she hasnt gotten a single buff in ages, last 3-4 changes to akali were all nerfs. Absolutely love playing talon ever since assasins were the new thing and talon is that forgotten champ no1 plays but every game I play talon I literally get fed as f**k (100% win on ranked too I believe) jungle: lee sin/nasus support: blitz cause i got mad pulls (not even kidding), i dislike playing support in general though adc: well I main adcarry so this is kind of a hard one. vayne/jinx/graves are my top 3 I guess (most played champ in ranked is ezreal though but thats just because he can adjust to so many situations build/playstyle-wise)
  14. Return Of The King

    in a 16 y/o body, frenchy shuts up at 0.18