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  1. I did it bois

  2. thanks longxuan 
  3. LMFAO Piers

    deal m8
  4. LMFAO Piers

    na he's gone id better my dragin deggur on it
  5. LMFAO Piers

    right now id rather see wengers nudes than his signature on a new contract
  6. ready to reopen

    nice bell thing u w***e
  7. Petition to remove Parms admin

    parmekas the terrible
  8. ZerkFest OSRS PURE PK Video 1

    f**k off
  9. @Danny 5-1 lol 5-1 LOL

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Felix


      united to buy sanchez 2k17

    3. Piers


      prolly mate

    4. Danny


      He's irreplaceable, idc what anybody says.

  10. mandatory watch for all

    i f*****g hate u 
  11. @Piers

    doesnt surprise me, he's been such a little b***h on field recently. I get it that he's frustrated but he's not above the team, kiddo needs to temper his attitude. 
  12. @Piers

    i was too busy slaying cougar p***y yesterday to care about this travesty 
  13. ecksdee

    ok cool but i think the more pertinent question is: why do we care? btw sanchez is off at the end of the season tuchel-era inbound  
  14. I'm back

    we closed 3 years ago
  15. abc

    zalem being tagged in a mm forum post this is unbelievable. Zalem has made it. started from bottom now we here