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  1. WELCOME TO MY FORUM I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY HERE ON MAYHEM MAKERS FORUMS HOPE IDEO GET MANY SUCCESSES LOTS OF LOVE FROM THE TOTAL LIFE OF THE WORLD OKAY HEY OKAY LOL HJAhahahaha great vidoe dudude omg can you teach me? hahahah lol awesome struff man ok i love all of your videos you're so great not mediocre welcome to my forum
  2. Being alone

    bro, who gives a phuck if someone else thinks it's bad. All that matters is whether you're happy/content with the situation. 
  3. King of Wildy

    who the f**k are u and why do u keep posting these videos
  4. Free Pims and Fear My K0

    u mean benz?
  5. happy Christmas Eve

    Hello, Fisher. I am Chopper. I wish you a happy Christmas Eve.
  6. miner tyrone pk vid

    this is awful
  7. Anieli

  8. Pink Clan info

    I'm level 44 and too lazy to train omg 
  9. we back

  10. hello friends

  11. search and rescue

  12. part of me hopes he's doing voiceovers or something because (no h**o) I really liked his voice. But probably something more awesome like working for Swedish Intelligence and fighting the Russians in the shadows.