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  1. nevar forget

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  3. y bandz0r oamg

  4. goodnight sweet prince.

  5. rip :(

  6. Watch Out For Smite

    sad troll.
  7. Let It Be Known...

    Cannot see what's behind that link? Anyways, +1
  8. Sp3C Gods Staking School

    Self: Hello, my name is Diogo(not Diego, I'm not latin) and I'm half british, half portuguese. I'm a smart guy but generally don't give a **** about it. I am, however, a very competitive guy and you generally don't challange me to something you expect to win because you just...won't. I'm a buff *** m**********r, I train everyday for over 3 hours even now, with a broken wrist I still hit the trains everyday but will less intensity. I'm psychopath(non-dangerous type, even though I'm a pker) and doctors believe this is caused for my parents death, when I was 11. You can visit my Facebook here. (there's people in here who can vouch for me and confirm that's my facebook account). History: Not even half of my history is here. Since nobody really reads this I'll just talk about the "important" phases. All started in 2001, do you still wanna read it all?Seriously? Like I said before, everything starts in 2001 when Internet arrives in Portugal. I was at my mates and he was playing this weird game called Runescape. He told me how awesome this game was and I played on his account for 2 days, without surprise I told him "No Fuc**** way, my calculator has better graphics then this." and I quit. My mate was a very good *friend* of my sister so he introduced Runescape to my sister as well. Since my sister had no change against me when playing Gameboy, Mega Drive or Nintendo64, she started playing Runescape. Later on, she told me to go back to Runescape so I came back to runescape and created my own account. The only place I knew was Varrock Pub and wild. I achieved a high level in strentgh killing the poor lvl2 men on varrock pub. After getting decent stats I started pking(serious pking) on my main and never really fought decent pures. One day I fought some weird guy with bad gear and he keept hit on me and I was like :( "how the **** he did this?!??!" I died and never thought about that anymore. Months later a sister friend brought us a new way to pk called "Pures". I was like "yea sure, a guy with 10def will survive to my whip, sure".That guy logs in on his account and show me how he owned mains and then I had a flash and thought about that time that I got owned by a little kid.(Not I didn't talk about all my accounts). I did a pure but I enjoyed staking more then pking so I was always in duel with friends. However that same pure got banned shortly after the creation. I decided to make another and that one was the best pure account that I had till today. One day, the same guy that presented me Runescape decided to clean my bank and I decided to quit a clean his mouth irl. I found about FaGex and I sold my pure and main for a pretty good quantie. On 20 January 2006 I strated training another pure to pk with but my sister got 2 defence on it so I decided to quit. I came back for a main I had and on 27 Agoust I decided to come back for that pure and pked until the day that I decided to sell my phats for irl money. I thought "yea, this was kinda my fault so I guess Im going to start a new pure"...Not really.My mother took my computer acess for months and 3months later I came back to runescape. Started that pure, staked and pked alot and I was very rich. (Note, I had like....4 more pures between) In July that same pure gets permanently muted and I decided to sell all my bank before getting permanently banned. My friend invited me to share his pure and we pked in f2p mainly till the day that everyone *cried*. I got defence on that account and pked abit in Bounty Hunter. Lately I created Rough Flame but Got permanetly muted so I started training my old skiller called Il_Muto. Joined Redemption pures where I was high council.(Even knowing that 90% hates me, I love them because I never really like clan pking and they showed me how great it was.) lately, due to boredom I got 10defence on Il_Muto and then someone told me that Daero was good cyber so I had a chat with him and boom! 33defence. I got bored and decided to create this account called Smd_Fi. This is when I joined and MM and been hopping accounts since then. Pictures: I'm that kind of guy that switches computers every 2 years and I have no access to "old wild pictures" However, I did create a pk gallery when I joined MM that I never end up finishing because really, it's alot of pictures and videos. You can check it here: Smd_Fi Gallery.
  9. Just Seen A Legend

  10. Anyone Good With Autocad?

    Go to youtube. Generally, it has video-tutorials for almost everything! That's as far as I can go.
  11. O Wow

  12. 5 Def :(