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  1. good swede gone too fast

  2. why are you the one that has to endure the f*****g beast specs?


    was he even 99 str aswell?

    1. Pixel Lurer

      Pixel Lurer


  3. teletubby

  4. Petition to remove Parms admin

    This isn't a democracy. You plebs need someone to step on you. All hail Emperor Parminder!
  5. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    f*****g weebs how is this s**t still going
  6. best part we were still lower combat than tlp despite like 10-15 guys being on their mains
  7. hey

    1. 3njoi


      miss u yelling at me

    2. Pixel Lurer

      Pixel Lurer

      Miss you bud



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  10. that's what they call ending on a high note?
  11. [MM]13th makes a YerTurb Video

    i lost at least a dozen brain cells
  12. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    http://imgur.com/gallery/BLBNwbg   found furious