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  1. Who still plays? Add me up "imRavenClaw"

    Add me up, i'm using Liam's acc DLG DAT
  2. Hi

    anyone wanna give me OSRS cash? cheers, bye.
  3. A Don Gerrit

    Is MM still the normal server based or the 07 server?
  4. New York

    I got bank kidddd
  5. New York

    I booked a restaurant already (seeing as most people came to troll). I decided to go with The Loeb boathouse for breakfast, (haven't got anywhere for lunch yet), Then around 6PM go the high line (for the scenic view), Times Square Hersheys to buy the worlds biggest kiss chocolate and "Name in Lights" (if it still exists) and then The Top Of The Tower Restaurant for dinner. I'm definately going to add that Seaport for after and maybe a walk along the BK bridge. Then I was going to do a scavenger hunt in our hotel (Hide the hersheys kisses and for each kiss she gets an actual kiss.) I'm probably the cheesiest guy ever but I wanted to make up for the time of being a s**t boyfriend lmao. (which is regularly) Thanks for the help bro, the port looks amazing.
  6. New York

    Is it open? Because a lot of restaurants ive looked at are closed due to Hurricane Sandy
  7. New York

    I'm taking my girlfriend to New York at the end of the month and I need ideas of where to take her for our anniversary.. Any good restaurants/places to go and what I can buy her as a gift? lol.