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  1. Whats up people

  2. Err

    kiss her
  3. YEET


  4. Best Thresh Mm

    hows it going Tristan Aukett
  5. gimme your 07 pure best pal

  6. Legacy Beta -12Th June

    Rs3 will be better than this s**t
  7. Test Your Aptitude

    82, i f****d up as soon as they added the fourth square
  8. Happy 4/20 Everyone!

    smoke some of dat good s**t for me homie
  9. League Of Legends Is A s**t Game

    LoL is the CoD of MoBAs
  10. What Would You Do For A Dollar?

  11. Sick One Jagex

    will vote yes even though I won't play
  12. How Long Have You Been Here

    like december 2006
  13. Rip Uncle Phil

    Sad, RIP
  14. Mlg Columbus