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  1. Serial Killer Teenage Girl

    There is a heck of a difference there... jeeze! Thats like a wife saying I only killed my husbands who r***d me or left the toilet seat up....
  2. Devon's Topic Got Me Thinking

    I was probably 13 when I first started playing RS, I was a loner, lil kid homeschooled and s**t. Now I'm 22, moved 6k miles away from London to Michigan to attend school for a BMS degree, then medschool. Life has changed so much for me.
  3. How Has The Steam Sale Drained You So Far?

    Civ 5 really isn't worth it. Civ IV with the beyond the sword extension is still the best game they've ever done. Even the professionals on the Civ Fanatic forums agree, most of them still play Civ IV.
  4. Sherlock Season 3

    Fantastic show, fantastic episode. Loved every second of it, and have downloaded it to watch whilst I fly back to America tomorrow. Favourite bit is when Lestrade finds out that he isn't dead. That hug gave me tears....
  5. Do You Shave Your Genital Hair?

    Girls hate to have to floss after they go down on you.. so yeah I shave. Bout every 2 weeks if I have a gf, when single I let that s**t grow, no point going through the 1 day aftershave feel unless I'm getting benefits....
  6. Went Out Shooting Today

    Nice pics!
  7. Lol

    + he's s**t pker ya know? ily <33
  8. New Phishing From The Actual Runescape Email

    ages since I've seen this troll :)
  9. Don't Poo-Poo Religious Virtues

    People especially younger people, mainly chose to ignore/disbelieve the bible as the rules it contains are very unfun, no having sex before marriage etc I dont need to eleborate as I think most people know what I'm talking about. The core line of Jesus's preaching "love thy neighbour as thyself" however is something that the large majority of "decent people" would already subscribe to. I know not all people are fair and kind to other people but the average Mrs Jones would go out of her wayto help soemone in trouble to a certain extent. What other rules are there that you would take from the words of Jesus and try to adhere to these days? And I still find it lulz when people say "I don't believe in any god per se". I dont believe in cancer
  10. Blessing In Disguise!

    I liked you, just re-app when you can and I'm sure it'll be swept under the carpet. One bad thing can't unwrite ages of good service (even tho you didn't tele still applies)
  11. Bye Bye Barcelona!

    That torres goal I watched it down the at the gym, and in the bar area there was about 60 people sitting watching it, when he got the ball the whole room errupted, it was better than being there life :P, grown men where high fiving strangers as he scored, best match I've watched in my life as a liverpool fan. I still love torres just wish he'd come back to scouseland.
  12. I'm Gonna Start My Own Ama On Here

    Meh I walk round gym locker rooms nude, I dont flaunt it, but I'm not ashamed of being nude for like 30 seconds walk between the shower and the lockers. Edit: And some of the stuff in this topic is really deep - gosh we have some real philosophers here.
  13. Justin Bieber Mocks 20 Y/o Mom

    Hes not all bad ya know