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  1. Serial Killer Teenage Girl

    There is a heck of a difference there... jeeze! Thats like a wife saying I only killed my husbands who r***d me or left the toilet seat up....
  2. Devon's Topic Got Me Thinking

    I was probably 13 when I first started playing RS, I was a loner, lil kid homeschooled and s**t. Now I'm 22, moved 6k miles away from London to Michigan to attend school for a BMS degree, then medschool. Life has changed so much for me.
  3. How Has The Steam Sale Drained You So Far?

    Civ 5 really isn't worth it. Civ IV with the beyond the sword extension is still the best game they've ever done. Even the professionals on the Civ Fanatic forums agree, most of them still play Civ IV.
  4. Sherlock Season 3

    Fantastic show, fantastic episode. Loved every second of it, and have downloaded it to watch whilst I fly back to America tomorrow. Favourite bit is when Lestrade finds out that he isn't dead. That hug gave me tears....
  5. Do You Shave Your Genital Hair?

    Girls hate to have to floss after they go down on you.. so yeah I shave. Bout every 2 weeks if I have a gf, when single I let that s**t grow, no point going through the 1 day aftershave feel unless I'm getting benefits....