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  1. 06.06.06

    Thank you for your kind words.
  2. Pmod Forum Leak

    Who dare awaken me from my slumber?
  3. Na im still alive, legends never die
  4. I'm Surprised!

    You guys pick a location and time, i'll show up and beat all of your a***s.
  5. Hi Everyone

    i've been doing some things at tribot, dabbling in the 07 client .. leaving to flight school in a few weeks
  6. Hi Everyone

    tell me what is g()()d
  7. The Truth About Me

    goodluck developing yourself
  8. I'm Coming To Europe

    "dominator, tomorrowland, dance valley, the qontinent, mysteryland, decibel, ground zero and q base festivals" You for real? How much is this trip costing you, assuming you're paying for it
  9. The Gold Digger Diaries I

    What do you mean your 'driver' are you wealthy? What did I miss
  10. I dont get it, what does he drop?
  11. How To Not Get Chargeback (Paypal)

    There is no way, I could send you $1000 anyway you like with any note and get my money back in hours.
  12. Staking Stream For Few Hours

    hes a rich man
  13. Rares Coming Out On June 3Rd

    At random, or everyone, should get one (random) rare. I dont see how limiting it to stupid ******* quests or areas that everyone can't access makes sense. Basically, you do the quests and you're guaranteed to profit $20 just for selling the rare after getting it. Stupid stupid stupid.