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  1. why are you the one that has to endure the f*****g beast specs?


    was he even 99 str aswell?

    1. Pixel Lurer

      Pixel Lurer


  2. I'm back

    lol wtf are you even
  3. abc

    feels good, alot of d**k sucking paying off
  4. Notable MM ranks and members?

    must of been a right c**t me haha i feel offended im not on this v****n list!!!!   wish i never rushed epidemic on my own now
  5. Notable MM ranks and members?

    i must of been kicked for something shady
  6. Mm Reopening? Unofficial p2p trip.

    epic haha very nice to see some people pking again
  7. Best Mm Memory?

    slaysgaybarn vs confidential being a pink hat getting ranked watching SPW lose his s**t about Toxic getting ranked when PAULY told all the ranks to get active because he was taking over 13th shouting cause q santa jr q 60 61 ags spec'd him hahahaha Speshls getting wik nudes destroying every pure clan that tried to compete basically   probably got a list as long as my arm but i would be here all day
  8. JFT96

  9. fawk

    well this topic got a bit out of hand, i miss the drama to be honest :(
  10. fawk

    good day lads 
  11. Old PK Videos?

  12. My dad passed away

    ;M's reply is so heartless lmfao    bad news that mate keep your head up
  13. Maxed Initiate Pure OSRS Pk Video [huge loot]

    best pk vid ever
  14. Sound Drive

    32 im sure
  15. *pixel Art* Guess Who's Back

    Furious has got funny shaped eyes, never trust a man with funny shaped eyes