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  1. PKING LIKE IT'S 2006 #2 (THE 2ND)

    how do u pk without fkeys i legit cant imagine playing this game without it
  2. Congrats Boys

    implying u joined in 2008
  3. take me back

    'why are you still logged in?'
  4. Err

    Good riddance
  5. Going to Amsterdam

    I really liked biking around when I was there. Take a canal tour for sure. Also take lots of drugs.
  6. idk whats going on anymore

    sounds like she wants a FWB. honestly, that will lead nowhere but can be pretty fun if you dont catch feelings. back off imo. plenty of fish in the sea.
  7. Free Pims and Fear My K0

    Cya jamez let me rub some aloe on dat burn
  8. Being alone

    get on the dating scene man. you'll learn lots about yourself that you wouldnt normally find out alone. but there is nothing wrong with being alone and liking it. i enjoy my time alone in moderation. im an extrovert tho so it might be abit different from yourself. my advice though, don't date anyone in military. idk how it is in america but canadian female military personnel are giant skanks and ive seen my brothers get cheated on and it pains me to see them go thru this. 
  9. i changed it back for u guys... u happy now?
  10. Strategies and Survivability

    naw. that's from my guide a few years back. dont have time to play :(
  11. Strategies and Survivability

    whos this riggz guy? he sounds like a cool dude
  12. Pink Clan info

    this man
  13. 12000

    one of my fav bands of all time kevin parker is amazing at composing and is evolving with all his collaborations with other aus bands and mainstream artists. he's definitely on everyone's radar now considering many artists including rihanna make covers of his songs.       also it's a good band to drop acid to