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  1. RIP Dom

    god damn there goes part of your life away
  2. Throwback Thursday

    Lmao. I remember alexakagod and I just went off on that s**t. Good times
  3. Change banner back

    Country: New Zealand
  4. Found Henry on RS

    he's prolly more jaded outcast tbh - really specific pures - bots agility - tick manipulation - waking up at night to farm run
  5. Change banner back

    tfw it's still winter for canadians
  6. I have a confession

    i wouldve
  7. The Second Coming

  8. Time to make something clear lil boys

    Y'all musta forgot I rekt u in a DM  Bang bang I'm the best
  9. i agree that theo should be banned but not meme cuz that's just hearsay.  also wtf all you guys. don't make fun of other people's past failures. not cool. so much hate on anieli when he hasn't really done anything but critique on furious taking low blows on jax. they are low blows, i'd say don't do em, but this is the internet. furious, you'd be a much happier man if you don't focus on hating jax so much. focus on the positive things in your life, rather than the negative. i think that's what anieli was trying to convey.  minister of enlightenment signing out
  10. I have a confession

    rip... sorry to hear man :(
  11. Runescape is 16!?