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  1. Hello old friends

    That's not what I'm talking about. That's combo food. 
  2. Hello old friends

    yes oldschool is still very fun. many elite f2p pkers do high risk fights. castle in f2p is basically dead. edgeville should still have some pkers, but afaik most migrated to ge. pid switches were implemented to combat the old pid system that people abused in the duel arena. basically sometimes youll see range hit 2 splats in a row. it's not lag (usually). it's you switching pid with your opponent. it seems to also change the way hits stack from before. i.e. the only way to really stack range->2h now is s******g an arrow, running near the guy and hitting him with your 2h. ive not pked on f2p for a few months but i cant imagine it changing. but f2p pking has become more of a niche. phats arent valuable since they are given out every year i think like 14 per account per year? (2 of ea colour and 2 crackers which is 4 phats in theory)  also tick eating, food glitch, eat trick, however you called it back then is patched for melee hits. meaning u cant just fancy eat your way out of a scimmy combo anymore
  3. Hello old friends

    whats good bro. pvp worlds are back so if u liked the old 'ge f2p pking' days that's still a thing. it's pretty fun getting back into it and f2p is fairly similar, there's just pid switches now that can throw you off.
  4. fyi, dont get over 73 str if u get 75 atk. 149 att/str is melee based no matter what. 148 is the magic number. but 75 str keeps you at 107 combat maxed so i guess it doesnt matter much gl
  5. you guys are gaywods

    m8 u dont even have a full forum post bar get good kiddo
  6. not 75 atk or 99 hp? what a joke
  7. P enis

    hehe p enis is funny because it's a private part xDDddd
  8. how many replies can this 2019 topic get

    wow we actually hit 100. can we beat the record of 114? 
  9. Hi

  10. how many replies can this 2019 topic get

    hi Tom! hope youre well
  11. how many replies can this 2019 topic get