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  1. how many replies can this 2019 topic get

    #wearestillhere #nevarforget
  2. What's up

  3. Ice Poseidon

    Whenever i scroll by his stream hes playing on Lv 100 Hax. Thoughts?     thx. miss u guys
  4. Runescape nostalgia

    So I haven't played runescape since we closed but with deadman out it looks really addicting, I've been watching people stream it all day for the last two days. I really can't start playing again because my life won't allow it but it looks like jagex made a good release for once? I also see nightmareRH streaming, and Kamsa T (lol). Was trying to look for someone on MM to stream so I can feel involved again.   Just a few words, miss everyone hope life is good. No point for this topic just needed to share a thought.
  5. idk what the title is

    hi im new
  6. New Forum Skin

    what is this
  7. Old skin or

    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  8. Praise Etcho

  9. Can Anyone Photoshop This Logo For Me?

  10. Can someone make this logo transparent and make the colors match the jersey logo? (white inside with black trim) Just the Gilbert & Son Insulation, Inc. part not the house. Trying to put that logo on the sleeve https://ci6.googleusercontent.com/proxy/yOCj5t0wi4R6hQ1yR9iOyQkRQ_DCXsBgeGbVkaYGTZIAAvM1sWK92hKSH3dteF9mfnuyCJurfFqQKSmQN2p_zVuIaJqTr9w8SDLt77Mm4TImcKaz4Fq8rLZB_Qa4JalJ0xtynDABB8TrrdcVm0UoPo4w-42dc986=s0-d-e1-ft#http://www.logosoftwear.com/personalize/customer_thumbs/b30b7e1429a74adafdac28609f4d9243_front.jpg Will pay 4m RSGP because that's all I have left. Thank you Edit: wouldn't let me post a picture of the shirt so there's a link, thank you in advance if you help i'll love you forever
  11. Wish Us Luck

    goodluck boys miss you fools
  12. My Lil Main

    requesting pic of black infinity
  13. Xbox One Modem/router

    I ended up getting cable in my room and connected via ethernet. The lag and disconnecting issues stopped but I still get dropped from parties and can't connect to some people because it still says my NAT is moderate. I don't really know how to fix that but at least I solved alittle issue.
  14. Xbox One Modem/router

    I have a thing called a gateway so it's a two in one. Router and modem. Nothing is interfering with it and i wish i could ethernet but thats the only area near a phone jack and it's a good distance from my room. Xbox is the only thing getting lag. I'm thinking of buying a new modem and a new router.