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  1. Got Killed Splashing In Pvp

    probably time to move on m8
  2. Balon D'or Finalists

    i think its a bit stupid that a keepers nominated
  3. Foe Closed Again

    took their time
  4. Who Was The Richest Person In Mm?

    lord mahatma
  5. Post Ur Shoez

    usually just converse or vans
  6. Just Got Dumped

  7. f**k Your Union Jack, We Want Our Country Back

    im just wondering, I dont care enough to research this but you say people have jobs but still need food banks etc etc. how does breaking away from the uk mean more jobs and less welfare?
  8. f**k Your Union Jack, We Want Our Country Back

    you've been watching way too much braveheart
  9. Maryland Teacher Disappeared By Police

    the land of free speech and all that
  10. Foe Danny -> Eop Danny?

    who gives a f**k
  11. Good Tv Series

    the wire - probably the best show iv ever seen
  12. Calling All Manchester People

    try and share with students obviously and get as close as you can to the school, basic stuff ya dig also try and share with the white people because lets face it blacks and pakis stank