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  1. not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing yet

    i wana fap so hard
  3. Err

    back in black
  4. Err

    She hasn't been to my place in a few weeks and I haven't been over to her place. We still talk here and there but there is a noticeable difference in most of the conversations we have She doesn't know what she wants and I got a lot of s**t going on right now in my life to play the patient FWB.  Weirdly enough I got a fortune cookie a few days ago that said "a new relationship is about to begin", I don't believe in that s**t but I just thought it was funny. so yeah
  5. My bad

    close shes a super fat indian chick
  6. idk whats going on anymore

    thanks <3
  7. Going to Amsterdam

    oh s**t really
  8. idk whats going on anymore

    We've done both actually i know but it sucks u try to be a decent guy and it hurts u
  9. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

  10. idk whats going on anymore

    i am :)
  11. idk whats going on anymore

    she wants to be with me but at the same time shes not ready for a relationship we've slept over at each other's places a few times this past week, was hoping that it would lead to something more but... should i continue to pursue or should i back off or move on idk
  12. getting her pregnant

    my b babe i made a new post for u
  13. My bad

    So I've been talking to this chick for almost a month now, we have a really good connection but me being the complicated f**k that I am I always feel like there's something that I might do wrong to ruin whatever shot I have with her. It's rare as f**k in college for people to build a friendship first before we start becoming a more romantically involved relationship but honestly it feels pretty good to take it slow but I won't lie its very tough breaking through that wall of "being alone is better".