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  1. Animal/ Pet Thread

    i had a dog once
  2. game of thrones season 7

    lol f**k off 
  3. Look what I grew

    i clicked the link and now the fbi is outside my house wtf
  4. I decided to max

    this but congrats anyways bud
  5. game of thrones season 7

  6. game of thrones season 7

    its so thick i could fap to it
  7. game of thrones season 7

  8. game of thrones season 7

    yes it was, def had me on edge till the very end
  9. Aloha Akbar

    the fbi is on their way
  10. 10 years later I still have the magic touch

    u got lucky dude hes top 10
  11. game of thrones season 7

    any1 watching?
  12. How can she slap

    Bring in Nicholas Cage, only he can solve the riddle
  13. When we got our phones back during ROTC Summer Training one of the first things I heard was this story. It was incrediby sad to hear and I'm sure his kids are feeling 10x worst. His music impacted so many young adults today it's a shame that his depression pushed him that far. R.I.P.
  14. .