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  1. are you so concerned about your sexuality you need t**s constantly on your page to remind you wat to like
  2. hello it has been a while, i have + in #mm
  3. anyone that wants to argue that tiny-maining isnt the same as tiny maining explain to me y i log in as f-i-a--s-k-o every day
  4. o rite you want to get serious first off we had a conversation were you randomly asked me to make an offer on zybez with your name which i did (14:27:32) <Maining> post another offer with my name (14:27:33) <Maining> on zybyz (14:27:35) <Maining> see if it works (14:27:37) <Arron> y (14:27:46) <Maining> to see if you stil can (14:27:53) <Arron> y me u dont even like me (14:28:01) <Arron> send me link to page (14:28:15) <Maining> http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices/958-bow-string (14:28:21) <Maining> post offer with my rsn= tiny maining (14:28:23) <Maining> see if it works (14:28:28) <Arron> space work (14:28:32) <Arron> or -_ (14:28:36) <Maining> space (14:28:37) <Maining> tiny maining (14:29:01) <Arron> done (14:29:17) <Maining> doesnt show (14:29:25) <Maining> refresh page it shows drink-this (14:29:25) <Maining> lol (14:29:38) <Arron> i didnt put pm me!! (14:29:43) <Maining> glad thats sorted f*****g trolls (14:29:49) <Arron> i did selling 1k 100 ea (14:29:49) <Arron> i think (14:29:52) <Arron> no ccomment (14:30:12) <Maining> yea dw cant post with my name anymore (14:30:23) <Arron> how u do that mm does it to me all he time (14:31:08) <Maining> sucks2beyou (14:31:11) <Maining> know an admin tldr; check something for me which i did you then asked in #mayhem-makers knowing that no one could commit to your dare as you believe you had your name blocked by a zybez admin (14:30:32) <+Maining> il give 5m to whoever can post fake offer on zybyz (14:30:33) <+Maining> with my rsn (14:30:35) <+Maining> dare you (14:30:46) <+Demo|AFK> double dare? (14:31:13) <%[MM]Mantas> k i'll do it (14:31:14) <%[MM]Mantas> few secs (14:31:27) <+Maining> triple dare even (14:31:52) <+Arron> http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices/280-nature-rune (14:31:53) <+Arron> done Maining (14:31:54) <+Arron> you owe me 5m (14:31:59) <+Arron> 1k for 200 gp (14:32:03) <+Maining> i posted that (14:32:09) <+Arron> why can i delete it then (14:32:19) <+[MM]Todd> yup (14:32:29) <+Maining> delete it then (14:32:35) <+Arron> http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/7052/xn0d.png as you can see i first made an offer for bowstring to confirm that tiny maining had been blocked i then made an offer for nature runes as the name tiny-maining, which worked u mad bro