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  1. Massif

    let me pk on ur acc
  2. Massif

    u got 25 def cuz u wanna be me, also what is this that ur playing kid i thought rs died
  3. Sports Teams That You Hate

    tom brady has been d**king my team for 15 years. f**k him. f**k new england
  4. Sports Teams That You Hate

    new england patriots new england patriots chicago bulls indiana pacers new england patriots new york jets new england patriots
  5. Lol

    what the f**k is going on
  6. Foe Closed Again

    lol fatality...didn't they die in like 2010...
  7. Worst Clan To Ever Exist?

    i was supreme elder on their forums for like 3 years and it was useless, all it did was make me feel bad for them.
  8. Worst Clan To Ever Exist?

    probably epidemic. those kids really sucked.
  9. Just Got Dumped

    these hoes aint loyal hahah
  10. King James Going Back Home...

    happy for him.
  11. Probably Deserves Its Own Topic

    na brah
  12. March Madness

  13. Whats The Deal

    What is honestly up with the clan world? I just scoped out zybez and it looks like there is still tons of active clans...? (Sorry if this seems stupid I haven't played in 2+years)