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  1. The Quest: Extended End

    you deserved it
  2. So Was With Some b*****s Today

    you're a f*****g loser
  3. Xbone Rumored No Support For 1080P

    you can't play anything in 4k/60 fps right now
  4. Xbone Rumored No Support For 1080P

    just gonna quote myself in op since you two don't seem to grasp what he's trying to do
  5. After 6.5 Years

    you needing to say "no h**o" makes you seem incredibly insecure about your sexuality
  6. Xbone Rumored No Support For 1080P

    This guy has been leaking insanely accurate details for Microsoft consoles since the release of the Xbox 360 by the way. Whatever he says is not to be taken lightly.
  7. Xbone Rumored No Support For 1080P

    the specs for the Xbox One and PS4 and Microsoft's anti-used games policy (before they were changed)
  8. Xbone Rumored No Support For 1080P

    apparently, he's trying to protect his identity. he's revealed a lot of inside info before it's been released to the public, mostly for microsoft/xbox one. lots of people think he's working/has worked for MS
  9. neogaf thread: http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=696772 his typing: this guy has been right about quite a lot (not meant to be a joke) those thinking about getting an xbone over ps4 should beware
  10. Belgianese People.

    i will actually be there. i wont actively seek you though. c ya
  11. Another Video Project Halp

    hey buddy how about you do your f*****g work yourself and leave the rest of us for our own lives. that seems like such an easy project too.
  12. What Do You Drive?

    used to drive a 1990 lexus ls400. sold it, bought a 2013 mazda3. pretty cool
  13. How Big Is Your Slang

    sounds about right
  14. Retail Arguments

    sounds like you're an immature little c**t
  15. Mm's Official Stock Market Game

    have i won yet