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  1. Whats up people

    I've learned a lot on my travels.
  2. Whats up people

    Hi honeys, I'm back, look busy Also IR are a clan of spelunking enthusiasts
  3. Yes, but I would have most likely just wasted my time on something else.
  4. Cavaliers Vs Warriors

    He still has a great impact on the game and how the cavs play. Iggy has been great, but it's gonna be Curry.
  5. Cavaliers Vs Warriors

    Yes Jerry West won it 45 years ago, but to me it seems an unwritten rule that the Mvp has to be from the winning team. Just imagine how fucking awkward it would be, they usually give out the FMVP while the team is standing on the podium at halfcourt while they're celebrating, then LeBron would walk up in front of them and get the award... it's not happening. Steph Curry is getting it, just like I put money on.
  6. Cavaliers Vs Warriors

    Lebron is a beast, still got my money on the dubs though.
  7. Throwback Saturday

    original Meklo account, how glorious.
  8. All Mm Invited To Wedding Party Etho

    congratz buddy
  9. [Official] Nba Playoffs

  10. Meklo

    Meklo And yeah I live like 3+ hours from Copenhagen.
  11. Anyone Miss Vultures?

  12. Just Got Dumped

    Well it was. Thanks all for your input, or most of you anyway. Just kinda needed to get it off my chest