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  1. What's up

    Hey lil guy long time no talk
  2. What's up

    How's everyone doing? nostalgia tripping for the day. Crackrawkz says hello.
  3. This r****d tried to follow me on instagram a few weeks ago
  4. Happy Birthday Brandon

    Happy birthday big guy
  5. What The f**k Is Wrong With Some Americans

    Probably the same right-wing retards who got mad over people saying 'xmas' or 'happy holidays'
  6. What Is Your Hair/eye Color Combination?

    Jet black hair, brown eyes (I'm Italian)
  7. Post Your Trees

    Since i've recently been unbanned I will avoid poking fun at the correlation between your username and the ornament that you've chosen for the top of your tree.
  8. Good night sweet prince :(

  9. Should I Ban Dgmario And Mark?

    Rest in p***s
  10. About To Neck Myself Irl

    I don't have anyone fabulous enough added for this to pop up on my newsfeed
  11. Come At Me, Bxp

    You're cool
  12. Another girl being a s**t and then killing herself over it, shocker.
  13. Good Luck East Coast

    :( it's gonna hit me. Hopefully will get my midterms pushed back a bit.
  14. Name Your One Favourite Movie

    I've watched to many movies to try to pick one, I've been watching a lot of Korean movies lately though, never realized how good they were. Two I'd recommend are Bedevilled and Silenced. Silenced is a really messed up movie though, be warned. Has to do with child m*********n at a deaf school in Korea and there are very graphic scenes... You can watch Silenced on netflix but I don't think bedevilled is on netflix.