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  1. Official Bank Pic Topic

  2. Weapons For Staking/changes

    Go for it man, i’ve been also around for quite a while eventhough i don’t post much, i always admirerd your galleries. If i see anybody here on the level of staking party hats, it would definately be you! Looking forward to see some screen shots again ;-) p.s. i hope some rich people here, will lend you some gp's to get you started, once the trade limit if gone ofc.
  3. Tell Us Something About Yourself.

    Proudest Achievement: Telling the whole world that i'm fabulous.
  4. What's It Like Not Living In America?

    Always fun to see how nationalistic American people are, believing America is the best country in the world. But the reality is a lot different.
  5. Lvl 4 With A Firecape

    Look at his adventurer's log before you start talking.
  6. Lvl 4 With A Firecape

  7. New #1 R'scaper Soon;

    Elvis died, came back and right now he is still #1.
  8. My F2p Pure;

    Yes i was in SPZ, around 2005-2006 i think.
  9. My F2p Pure;

    Yes you're right.
  10. My F2p Pure;

    I must confess i trained most of it @ SoulWars :unsure: , but righ now i'm f2p and i trained from 89 to 90 at the dark wizards ('cause you get a little loot, like fire and water talisman, runes etc.) I got 85 magic by superheat and stun alch at the 2x xp weekend. And for your next question, 90 strength got me to 61 combat :D, hehe
  11. New Most Muscular

    I saw a lot of none sense. If you're in to body building/fitness you should cardio AFTER your work out, and warm your body up by doing the muscle group you want to train on a low weight and high reps. Because if you cardio before you work out, you will use your energy for that and you definately don't want to do that. And if you will actually cardio AFTER a hard work out, you will be burning fat. :unsure:
  12. New #1 R'scaper Soon;

    Then why post? :unsure:
  13. New #1 R'scaper Soon;

    Telmomarques getting owned by Elvis soon.
  14. I Want To Give An (old) Noob Account Away, For Free!

    :D i'll pm you