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  1. remember when jax gave rsgp for summoning?

    i bet sm dicing is mad 
  2. Danny

    forums are broken wont even let me reply to that quote but srs how you gonna post a 9 paragraph essay and say your not mad? maybe you shoulda been there today to help them :(
  3. Danny

  4. Danny

    LOL jesus christ you're mad as f**k. Let it out man all your anger will definitely change that massive L you took in the tourney into a W. Why are you the one flaming anyway - if anything Danny or Henry should be mad because they actually would have had a chance with decent team-mates. But yeah keep crying on these dead forums about how someone who wasn't even in for any of the fights made you lose. Maybe you should have practiced more with your new teammates instead of crying about how I "f****d you over". I thought you were a levelheaded person but apparently not. Didn't think I'd see the day where Furious lost his s**t on the internet and cried like a baby over Runescape. It's a shame too because you're a nice guy and I seriously have no hard feelings, but blaming me for a loss that I took no part in just makes you look like a child. I'm not going to say don't quote me because I know you will and you'll probs bash your keyboard a bit more but I don't really care. If you're seriously that upset you guys lost just pm Adhi or Tom for making you lose. 
  5. Danny

    don't blame me cause you guys lost lmfao. how embarrassing. 
  6. Hi

    luv u momo
  7. d4rk_mayhem

    Pretty sure he made 100K+ (he literally duped trills). Never 4get. 
  8. for ppl who love kebab

    Never had a kebab but I've heard they're tasty. How did it come out?
  9. apping for mm

  10. if some1 didnt notice

    the chat room limit has been reached. You will not be able to join the chat room until some users first leave.   guess it maxes out at a whopping 4 chatters.
  11. if some1 didnt notice

  12. Mainscape

    very swag
  13. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Overlord is pretty good. Excited to see where they go with it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. What happened to i mahatma i?

    He left us two years ago. God rest his soul..
  15. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    God Eater is good