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  1. Oldschool grind

    Hook this old legend b***h up! 100m should be fine thanks :) And btw i got defence :(
  2. Oldschool grind

    Maaaaaaaaan i had to make a main! :D but ethoxyethaan is stil 0 def exp!  
  3. Buying Quest Kits

    buying all quest kits for 1def pure pm me in game ethoxyethaan
  4. On My Way MTFKers! ow yeaaaaaaaaaaah!
  5. Quests

    So another noobish question, I cant seem to remember wich quests I rlly have to do for prayer exp! I want to get 52 prayer but im scared if i train it up to 45 now i will get to much from remaining quests! help poor rob out pls :doh:
  6. Runescape 2007 | All Mighty Aqua | Nh Bridding

    13th right.. wtf is wrong with this world?
  7. Ethoxyethaan's Road To Oldschool!

    will do sir ;)
  8. Ethoxyethaan's Road To Oldschool!

    haha! lol! thanks jax!
  9. Ethoxyethaan's Road To Oldschool!

    ham? what does that mean? :)
  10. Quests

    thanks jimmy thats all i needed to know ^^ meme indeed :) never go that way..
  11. Quests

    ye oke ^^ but dds is still the best option in my opinion :)
  12. Quests

    its 70k prayer exp from 44 till 52 so i can train with home altar till 44 right?
  13. Quests

    imagine how long it will take to max out? :D haha
  14. Quests

    not rlly its pretty useless..better item to ko with.. or am i mistaken?
  15. Piers Told Me That Foe Reopened

    im reopening so **** foe!
  16. Ethoxy

    yeeeeeeeeees :D ! you still play all add me on oldschool rs ethoxyethaan b*****s
  17. Ethoxy

    no you! <3
  18. [S] Quest Kits - Got Them All

    sell me pure quest kit pls!
  19. Ethoxy

    rofl! haha yup thats me! haha
  20. Ethoxy

    haha nice to meet u! no i dont like socces :D its for them p*****s! !
  21. Ethoxy

    yo whats up man! long time no see? you still play?
  22. Ethoxy

  23. Ethoxy

    hello ppls! nice to see allot of old guys! nice nice nice <3
  24. Buying Quest Kits

    haha why is that man?