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  1. I Just Wanted To Say

    Member No:7613
  2. I also got banned at experiments last week with my offence listed as "Bot Busting Moderate". I also can't even appeal it. The difference is that I was botting
  3. So Zerk Neck And Obby Sh1Twep

    Damage wise yes, accuracy wise no
  4. System Update

    Was getting 53k xp/hr with 75 str at experiments before I caught the hammer this morning
  5. Ring Of Wealth

    Yes it does, and since Tzhaars don't drop from rare drop table it has 0 effect on them whatsoever. It's 2013, how is this not common knowledge by now
  6. Tiny Guys, Please Stand Up.

    on a 1k kill dry streak at obbys including getting killed by that afk faggotry, so with love I say **** you
  7. Another Rare Poll Is Out Btw

    Looking at the results it's clear that this is getting r******d, if they aren't going to implemented very rarily through treasure trails/monster drops/skilling then they should just be given to all players as all of the other options are stupid (apart from the large GP shop option which would allow stakers to store money with them)
  8. Trading My 07 Gp For Your Eoc

    Your chat on?
  9. Rares

    not if they have 3rd age rarity
  10. Special Guest!

    Am I doing it right?
  11. Selling Chocobombs And Ttl's

    if you're really into buying them 3 at a time, just like karambwans
  12. Selling chocobombs and tangled toads legs, food combo stuff. Pm "Redcow" ingame, as stated 1k ea