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  1. Hello MM

    What is new? And what happened to the lay-out? :(
  2. Update To My Last Thread

    Where in Sweden? I'm there at least once a year. Good job btw.
  3. Can Anyone In London Get Me Some Ranarr

    What did you do in London?
  4. It's Happening!

    Grats :D
  5. Rest In Peace, John Nash

  6. Car Shopping

    And a watch is useless since you have a phone, right?
  7. Anyone Here Use Skrill, Need Help!

  8. Watches

    Great brand! I'd recommend getting one of the cheaper mechanical "Les Classiques" as a primer. I don't really like their other collections.
  9. Watches

    They are almost entirely machine produced, without dedication or human craftsmanship whatsoever. Maybe you could call those watches, but certainly not timepieces. Sure, they tell the time, but each watch has its own story/watchmaker. I simply consider it to be art in its truest form.
  10. Do You Still Own A Desktop Pc?

    Why not both?
  11. Watches

    Nah, people hardly know what I'm wearing, and I never tell them what it cost.
  12. Watches

    I'm not keeping into account feelings of others on an internet forum, sorry. I don't say s**t like that IRL, unless I'm talking to my closer friends. It's sometimes hard to remain silent when people are discussing buying a Michael Kors 'watch', though, since they're simlply buying Japanese s**t. At e.g. 200 EUR, you have decent Swiss brands. Most people IRL wouldn't even recognize the brands I wear, let alone know the price. I'm not going to tell them either (for fear of being mugged, which has happened before, or the attraction of male/female gold diggers).
  13. Watches

    Yes. Well, they aren't just watches imo. They are a piece of art and human craftsmanship. For example, I own a JLC that took months to create.
  14. Watches

    I don't really get into hot weather often enough to buy a metal strap.
  15. Watches

    Anything that is not Rolex or Hublot, with a leather strap, above 5K USD (e.g. Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet).