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  1. Woot

  2. Who Was The Richest Person In Mm?

    d4rk then me
  3. Na Lcs Playoffs

  4. Na Lcs Playoffs

    lol clg rip
  5. Na Lcs Playoffs

    i mean game 2
  6. Na Lcs Playoffs

    5k hp mundo + nunu hp??
  7. Na Lcs Playoffs

    loving it no bork on wild turtle tho
  8. How Not To Control Your Anger

    why did he stand in the road lol
  9. Something Wrong With Pc Or League Of Legends?

    league been laggy as fk last 2 days for me
  10. Foe Rank Team

    lol fi heated
  11. Shoutout To [F]Am[I]Ly

    same s**t different day
  12. Destiny 360 Beta Code Plssss

    same for xb1 or 360
  13. Haha Tlp

    d**ked em hard
  14. Sneaky

    entertaining af
  15. Lets Appreciate How Bad Foe Were At F2P

    when we took toxic then walli wanted to join us when they would make their addy fags take off team capes and let all the 1 defers tank