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  1. idk man that garen had really intense mechanics, his ability to press R was immaculate 
  2. ey someone remove my warnings

  3. lol true damage is such a fun and interesting and counterable mechanic, especially against garen, just be full hp all the time and he can't kill you xD
  4. darius is pretty strong
  5. this has worked for ages
  6. have you tried not being bronze
  7. toxic player it doesn't matter how much you get reported if you're not flaming/negative/trolling you won't get banned period Want to not get banned? Stop being le toxics
  8. Eu + Na Lcs Summer Split

    NA is just objective trading for 20 minutes because both teams avoid confrontation completely, against actual good teams any team from NA minus TIP are going to get outrotated and f****d hard because trading objectives doesn't work if the enemy team uses the resources better than you, it's why teams that aren't that good in EU get destroyed so hard by H2K, they try objective trading but H2K set up dives and snowball off enemy teams p***y play
  9. Eu + Na Lcs Summer Split

    Risk free NA style =/= calculated calculated = H2K style
  10. Eu + Na Lcs Summer Split

    no1 cares about NA lmao s**t region
  11. Eu + Na Lcs Summer Split

    CLG need new shotcallers and a new coach