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  1. Clash Of Clans

    Nice, what clan are you in? Does it have a feeder clan?
  2. Clash Of Clans

    I'd be interested in joining. I'm kind of new to the clan/warring aspect, but I'm active and looking for a good clan.
  3. Clash Of Clans

    We should start a clan with MM members. What TH is everyone? I just started out, but one of my accounts is almost maxed at Lvl 5 and the other is Lvl 6. :)
  4. Clash Of Clans

    Anyone play Clash of Clans?
  5. Ice Barrage!

    I can now ice barrage! Still have some training left to do, but at least I got magic out of the way. :) 94 Magic:
  6. Buying Alchs

    I already have the nats banked. Sorry :/
  7. hey, what is avg loss per alch, would you say

  8. Buying Alchs

    I'm in need of a lot of alchs (around 72k). If you have any for sale (willow long u, willow longs, maple long u, maple longs, yew longs, mage longs)... please post or pm me. You can also contact me through irc. My nick is [-Nitemare-]. I appreciate it!
  9. Ancient Magicks!

    Just completed DT! I have to do the quest reqs for Monkey Madness. Then I'm going to do up to the boss on MM and start chinning in MM tunnel. Ancient Magicks:
  10. Icantb

    After alching for a bit... I finally achieved 85 Magic! 85 Magic:
  11. Selling

    Free alchs!
  12. Another Slice Of Ham?

    Mind your own business.
  13. Another Slice Of Ham?

    After getting 70 range, I wanted to take a break from training. Therefore, I decide to do a little questing and get ancient mace. I'm nearly quested up now. I need to complete DT & MM (not going to complete it until after I'm done chinning). Ancient Mace:
  14. Arr...matey!

    Thanks for all the replies! I almost forgot about ancient mace. :/ Glad you all reminded me. I should be able to get it in the next week or so. Depending on how much I play. :D
  15. Arr...matey!

    After a few weeks of skilling & questing. I've finally achieved anchor! I already have mith gloves, zammy book, and climbing boots... so my next goal is to complete DT. I have most of the skills (just need 3 more thieving lvls & 30 more firemaking lvls). Need to do a couple more pre quests as well. Then I'm going to start MM and chin (once I'm 70 range)! Quest Complete: