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  1. Mm Steps On Fi's Birthday Cake

    My point wasn't that i deserved it lol. What did you do for your birthday in 2009, you allowed your whole forum community to attend, that's bring randoms. Don't see how that constitutes to flaming
  2. Mm Steps On Fi's Birthday Cake

    Lied to you about it? lolwut. I didn't lie, nobody asked me. 13th pmed me sometime in February telling me i don't care about the clan and how he was going to remove my access and i told him i'd be back in April, lol. Flame? What flame? Do you have any proof of this? Worst i've done is flame SPW saying he was bad and how everyone laughed at him.
  3. Mm Steps On Fi's Birthday Cake

    Lol supporting this clan, i thought that 16 months of attending trips with about a 85% attendance rate was support enough, not my fault you guys randomly decided to take my forum access and in game access when i wanted to attend an event. Well considering I've heard you, spw ect call I'd know if a person was calling terribly, lol and chris isn't. Sorry.
  4. Mm Steps On Fi's Birthday Cake

    Ok cool story bro, that paragraph full of irrelevance made for an interesting read, i don't see the point you're trying to make you're just rambling on about nothing really. Construct an argument or at least make a point and then come back to me, alright thanks.
  5. Mm Steps On Fi's Birthday Cake

    Why u remove me ex-vet noob. Yh we shudda fought closer to a return spot imo, would have done us better tbh but w/e ;p and fighting you behind that rock was kinda dumb too, split up our main group so you could snipe and focus on 1 side. We never once had above 83 in range so yh.
  6. Fatality, Tlp, Or Foe?

    Runescape fatality pure clan
  7. Dat Surgebox

    Still pretty terrible.
  8. We didn't team with Foe we just bailed to single ;p Gj looks like you had a fun trip m8z And who changed my sig? r0f
  9. 200M Ranged Xp

    chinc lmf
  10. Lost 51M

    ur terrible
  11. I Just Achieved 4 Defence

    Get 5 for steel defender, dat +1 str bonus
  12. Baroo Baroo

    I'm jelly as fk :{ if only my computer wasn't so s**t fml
  13. Road To A Maxed Pure.

    No updates nig?
  14. Derp Derp Burn Money

    You scape nows :o?
  15. 88 Combat

    Didn't you used to cry about defence and prayer lol