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  1. Best Mm Memory?

    All the friday and saturday night pk trips. Loved the deep wildy pk trips with our ally zerk clan. When MM had the highest magic level average and all the clans were scared of our barrages. Good times :)
  2. Just dropping by

    What up playas Good to see you old f***s still around. Hahaha 1-5 defence is bad?? bruh all pures use to f**k up their def XD I was pimpin the 8 defence for years :)    
  3. Just dropping by

    Hey folks, Just dropping by because my friend and I went on a trip to memory lane. Which resulted in watching tons of old school pk vids. The nostalgia made me ofcourse remember my favorite forums.  I like how the forums still has the same banner and all the same structure! It's completely the same as it use to be. Great to see Mayhem Makers are still standing after all these years. Well done leaders and community of MM! Are Fi and Foe still standing? What is the current climate of pure clans?  
  4. TriHard

    Hahaha  V Danger V has always been a sickf**k xd
  5. Blazey U Flaming?

    Nice man, is it still worth anything today?
  6. 99

    Gratz, looking good
  7. Happy Birthday

  8. i miss you = (

  9. Was a lvl79 beast with 8 defence destroying cunts at castle and enjoying pk trips with MM.
  10. Runescape Time Machine

    I had some good times on rs but basically this^
  11. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    West europe is down so I have to play rs now... FML
  12. Old Stat Pic

    The stats I joined MM with. Good old pest control xD
  13. Mm Should Have Wall Of Fame

    Get to work Andy!
  14. Better Late Than Never As They Say

    Very nice you have come a long way.
  15. <b><span style=color:#ff0000;/>It Is Time</span></b>

    Wait what? What is changing on the 20th? I will try to make it, one last time wearing the pink cape.