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  1. Hi

    [b]Runescape Username:[/b] Autisms [b]Tell us about yourself:[/b] i like runescape [b]How did you hear about these forums?[/b] been around since mm was on invision boards [b]Do you plan on joining the Mayhem Makers?[/b] idk
  2. Need Halp

    holy s**t when did this n4z1 get warlord did u suck off etho gayfagot
  3. Henry= Council?

    shut the f**k up stupid n1g3r
  4. Henry= Council?

    r0f get k0ed henry u f***t *** f**k
  5. So Was With Some b*****s Today

  6. The f**k Swedes

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  7. I'm Shmacked

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  8. 175X Microscopes For $10

    OMG MEKLO f*****g K0ED UR f***t =*** ROFFFFFFFFFF
  9. Does Anyone Still Play

    this game is s**t don't play i quit and if i quit that means this game is super s**t
  10. Weird Roommates? Mine Tops All Of Yours.

    why would u conceal urself as this guy u f***t we all know ur actually him ur text game is evidence ur the creeper fagoet
  11. The Topic Of The Century

    so bad lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The Quest: Extended End

    u have known this weebo for 3 weeks or something and u told her u fell in love ur a fukcing idiot lmfao
  13. Mike Rubes King Jax Obsoleteeee

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  14. Call Me fabulous But I Need Comfort

    this guy makes a valid argument
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  18. omg mike rubes ur so cool u show off on interwebz forum r0f
  19. Best Place To Train Str Up?

    the gym
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  21. Classic Motorcycles

    awaiting fly video pls
  22. The Quest: An End

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  23. r0f y u give me another f*****g rl picture of ur f*****g potato head *** u f*****g f***t u f*****g suck
  24. f*****g typical 4ner britfag danny f*****g causing s**t in irc u stupid *** f****t i should come in there to k0 ur b***h *** r0f