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  1. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    lol this makes no sense. I dont like morde adc either but other than that there's no problem with the game having new champs and strategies around them the best team will win (SKT). I think throwing teams into a new meta is the pinnacle of competition in LoL. Best teams are always the ones that adapt the quickest. just because we dont see gnar v mao top every game doesnt mean the game has lost competitive intergity lmao...    also every team has had the same amoutn of time to play on new patch.. they've all been practicing on it nonstop since the regionals ended. i dont understand how the game has lost competitive integrity because of this, or how it isn't hte highest level of competition still.  why does high level competition necessitate a stale, old meta? 
  2. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    why is this a bad thing?  fun to see the teams adapt and innovate
  3. DMX in the news

    where the hood at
  4. is malwarebytes legit?

    dark installing this made everyones skype go down wtf
  5. Something mindblowing just happened

    lmao i remember bein 10 playin rs that s**t was so fun 
  6. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    tsm will be fine and has a good chance to advance. lgd is unbeatable but its not like kt weregods like skt was this split. i mean they only have ssumday, right? right???????????????????????? dryus can take him any day have you seen his maokai play? fking dirty!!! he will sht on sumday fiora riven yasuo so easy  og is from eu = scrubs  
  7. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    why is it always fid players
  8. Narcos

    should i watch first narcos or dr robot 
  9. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    65 ping now jesus christ riot  certain champs now are just unplayable for ppl on the west coast cause of this high ping   how long til pro players and orgs get fed up with all of riots bs? 
  10. Eu + Na Lcs Summer Split

    hahaha c l g
  11. look for me

    go watch the vods and take a screenie of urself
  12. Eu + Na Lcs Summer Split

    i wonder if liquid will even win a game at worlds
  13. hopped out my mother fkn bed.. hopped in the mother fking coupe

  14. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    finally made it to elo heaven only skilled team mates from here on out no more trolls thank god