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  1. I miss u guys

    god bless all of you, miss you guys
  2. Good! dvh

    hahaha don't spend it all at once m8
  3. Good! dvh

    we need the ad revenue pal
  4. Is OSRS as dead as this forum?

    hi wylie hope you been well pal. the answer is; yes.
  5. who even is this ghost you speak of? anyway i support
  6. Furious is still level 114

    ban that virg
  7. Furious is still level 114

    what a f*****g nerd
  8. Whats up people

  9. Whats up people

    helo bois
  10. Hi

    helo pal, not many real oldies left active on the forums now. good to see more mm still around though.
  11. I was framed

    sounds like an excuse that a spy would have spent 7 years crafting