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  1. Sup Fam

    hey m8 how you doing?
  2. cc is "mm" pm danny if you need to be added. it might be locked.

  3. How old is your boy now. Must be like 5 or 6?
  4. helo Devon how you doing m8
  5. 33-30-39 or something idk

    rune pouch pker
  6. RIP Dom

    rest in p***s dom
  7. Pk Vid One

    nice calling the 30-30 spec dude
  8. Guy any chance in using that account for a bit of F2P pking bud? will pay for gear obv

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Guy


      adapt or die. make a 1 deffer we snipe pure trips.

    3. Estonian


      i have combat 66 or smt like, train it for me and and i join ur team

    4. Guy


      hahaha kys

  9. ~ The Complete One ~

  10. Shut up and take my money.
  11. hello

    helo donvito my pal. how have you been m8? long time no see.
  12. Nah s0n. Only eat meat that's been 100% grass fed raised on my own farm. You mad urbanized city pleb?
  13. My Mom The Birthday Party She Went To ;_;

    Yo Toxic does your mum still blaze?