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  1. Found 6-pack ryan in twitch chat lmao

    blingjatt aka twitch chat king
  2. how we all doing

    Ye the leet unit still pks in ts and smites +1s
  3. never forget lmfao

    easy 1 b
  4. lmfao keep us updated how long it takes. how many people have infernal now anyway?
  5. rune scape clan chat

    don't really have one now. sometimes idle in 'MM' if people are online
  6. F2p Multi pking

    helo swip :)
  7. Ok

    absolutely sickening acc
  8. Depressing

    it's always interesting seeing some of the topics that guests are viewing. random google search results.
  9. Why does the name Caws ring a bell

    ya that may be where i remember him from actually. f****d with them briefly when everyone else was 1-30 def but they told me to neck it for crystal bowing on trips even though i didn't tele. rip
  10. Blackman at ladies night

    sometimes it works the opposite rip