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  1. Where, Oh Where Is Solo King?

    still best topic
  2. Happy 420 Boys

    furious has v****n lungs
  3. Happy 420 Boys

    have a good day guys
  4. defgh

    u got pay back ur scammed gp with that?
  5. Which pure clan are u in?

    It's active but full of spastics and retards who started clanning in 2k15
  6. I see manson lurking

    Was actually Benz no Ben.
  7. For our lord and our god

  8. Which pure clan are u in?

    Just come on teamspeak autist
  9. Please buy me a rope

    Low quality flame, didn't call him a v****n. Surely can't be MM.
  10. wtf is this :DD


    cucked every other Piers in rs
  12. 94 mage

    grats m8
  13. I did it bois

    grats m8
  14. Guess who