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  1. Waddup.

    Nice stats s0n
  2. Credit to Riggz for his +3 opts guide and Elmo who I stole pictures from >i. Survival   Survival is key for any Mayhem Maker. The first thing to do is turn your sound on. The middle bar and third bar are all you need to turn. (see below) The sounds help out in F2P and P2P so you know which style you are getting attacked. In F2P, if you are getting hit from a melee attack you hear yourself grunting while hear a slashing sound. On the other hand if you are getting hit from an arrow then you will hear an arrow be shot before hear yourself grunt.   Sound isn't everything. It's just for awareness - but one could argue that awareness is a very important skill to have. This would not be a survival section if we don't get into tanking. In F2P you will carry anchovy pizzas and swordfish. It seems so basic just to say pizza > swordfish, but there is actually a better way to eat this food in the same amount of ticks it takes to pizza > swordfish (heals 23). What many people don't know or forget is that you can have 2 full pizza half gulps whilst still being able to eat swordfish in the same tick. The trick would be fullpizza > fullpizza > swordfish for a total of 32 hp gained in the same gulp. Half pizzas still stack with one another and can be either halfpizza > swordfish or halfpizza > halfpizza. Although you have to be careful about the timing because the have a different delay. See picture below. Pizza halves can now also be combined to make full pizzas!     Energy pots are now f2p and restore 10% run per dose. Generally bring 2-4 pots for each invy.            
  3. Pink Clan info

    when you stop dishonouring mahatma by being in eop
  4. Pink Clan info

    Pink Clan is a 55-65 cb f2p clan that actively pks in world 8. Join today. 'Pink Clan' cc in-game Discord: https://discord.gg/REgBh6C
  5. First

    nice boi
  6. 10 years, rip good wildy gone too soon.
  7. someone bump the thread i can;t find it nostalgia feels, i remember logging on after school at ditch to pk and getting cucked by jagex   unrelated vid  

    yo we still reking wildy. had a trip today pulling 14 stronk Pinkies
  9. I actually remembered my password

    good to see you m8, if you wana chat with the boys there's a discord which a lot of old mm guys hang in https://discord.gg/hbhpat
  10. He loves asian girls, he could never wipe out a whole nation of them.
  11. search and rescue

    congrats Pink Bag
  12. search and rescue

    worst/biggest everything