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  1. hello from the other side

    pretty water
  2. Time to make something clear lil boys

    whats up homie
  3. Blackman's new year

    it was new years ya know go hard or go home i suppose haha   they were these black gel tabs tht tasted of citrus 
  4. Gmaul

    nice loots danny boiii
  5. Look what I grew

    dank nuggets
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    welcome to trumps america
  7. Hi again

    welcome back friend
  8. Blackman's new year

    well s**t dude you weren't the only one having a bad night... took 8 tabs of lsd went to a party started tripping balls and hearing people repeat themselves 2 or three times and i would like to assume that they didn't stutter as it kept happening... not long after those auditory haulicinations i started seeing only seeing certain colors one at a time (ex,. brown,green,red) but everything was shaded with these one specific colors for not a really long time... shortly after this happens my heart starts beating so rapidly it feels like im going to start having a seizure or what i only could assume the beginning stages feel like.. not long after that i p**s on the floor of their kitchen and hoof it like just under 6 miles home for the night... anyways time for me to slow down on the fun stuff new year new me hope all is well with everyone in 2k17
  9. Nerd

  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    nice to seeu fellas have a drink for me
  11. Nignogs who still play lol

    mas work :(
  12. Instagram model sells herself for $$$

    wish my daddy would pay for my virginity to be taken
  13. Nignogs who still play lol

    can u go on any acc to eop trip ?