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  1. not that I stream but if I did

    https://www.twitch.tv/rang3r_elmo   I just want you to know I pop off and by summer v8 juice is going to sponsor me   #pinkclan
  2. Any1 main pk (lol rs in 2018)

    ur gonna like dis
  3. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    ppl have no faith
  4. Post your Pink Gains

    Immanuel con't:             bonus:   
  5. Best Mm Memory?

    plz reopload miasmic barrage vs Fatality video   thx
  6. Post your Pink Gains

    I mean we're not packing 28s but we are way past applying to MM in 2013 Oldschool RuneScape so I mean we in this.
  7. Death to all Fake Elmo's! Get murkt.

    Why are there so many people doing this?  Not even a good name wtf   thank you for restoring my honor
  8. Pink Clan info

  9. First

  10. Pink Clan

    Holy f**k
  11. Pink clan slaying tr

    @Tadgh come back to us man you're a legend
  12. pizza is the reason i remade forum acc

    i can respect that
  13. F2p prod is finally ready

  14. $157,485.71

    Holy s**t grats