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  1. Do you still play bro? Remember you were the one to teach me how to properly put clan so long ago!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Prep Unit

      Prep Unit

      Thanks guys he's the only reason I was able to become mm. Was just a poor edgeville pure with no path prior haha 

    3. Felix


      suck his d**k more

    4. Prep Unit

      Prep Unit

      Felix im not afraid to tickle a grown man. i will find u


  2. Please mr #1 warlord liberate me from this abomination known as henry aka "I--celtic--I"

  3. DMX in the news

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? That's f*****g awesome   also hi jive :)
  4. Something mindblowing just happened

    That's an amazing story, seconding the how much I would give to be in that position again.  Geez.
  5. What exactly is darkscape am so confused?
  6. DMX in the news

    http://www.tmz.com/2015/09/29/dmx-jail-ihop-making-omelette-buffalo/   tl;dr he got out of jail and went to ihop and it was so good he wanted to meet the cooks so then he started making food with them   x gone feed it to em
  7. GWAS

    Makes me happy that it's still going on
  8. This could actually be pretty fun for a couple weeks, but can you imagine dcing LOL
  9. Lmao no way dude. I would trust Kinsey with my life. Guy named Stew, he was Malice for a short bit. Apparently he messaged Nick too asking for the same thing..
  10. Moment Of Silence For The Best Clan Leader Of Runescape

    He will return when we need Him most.
  11. which is weird because I thought for sure I was in a zone
  12. So I let an old friend that I knew from Malice use my account so he could f**k around and Scape a bit. Apparently he's been PMing MM people on my friends list asking for money (what the f**k?). Don't give him money, I will never play RS again and it's not me. He also won't be using my account again. tl;dr: drama in 2015 RS and for your time reading this, the most memorable and worthwhile RS video of all time: