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  1. What's up

    this forum is so dead now it is depressing
  2. Praise Etcho

    grats, happy 16th birthday nick
  3. What Lyfe U Live

  4. Best Forum Drama You Remember?

    -steve vs leet team -leet team vs andy -SAM/speed demon/second faken vs 'tanksta' or something. tanksta was well known nerdo who got like 99 str in less than 2 weeks before pest control and made thousands irl staking. one of them scammed each other. after tons of drama i think SAM just banned him -about a quarter of mm got mad and split off and made a clan called rd. i think this was mid 06... i doubt many people were around to remember but when the clan disbanded most members joined mm again... and eventually these forgotten traitors were promoted to high ranking positions xD i wont name names
  5. <b>Real Life Pictures</b>

    i swear i know of someone that looks very much like you
  6. An Amazing Runescape Topic V9001

    in my day you didn't even need to ask someone to fight new era: still have wilderness pop up that explains that the wilderness is a dangerous place where you can get attacked by other players. social rules made so everyones gotta ask to fight before attacking. praying and tabbing now common and accepted.
  7. What Would Happen If?

    because this is primarily what's being talked about can you undeniably prove or disprove: - god (& who's conception of god is real) - evolution (in the context of it being the reason for each species being different, but having one common ancestor, not the little mutation crap) - creationism, including "the beginning" i don't think anyone can. the world's changing as many people are abandoning their faith in a "supreme being" and turning to atheism because of the influence of rational thinking today. if there's no proof = doesn't exist. anyways... if something was actually proven beyond a reasonable doubt, religions would either incorporate it, do their best to argue against it, or say "yea, because god made it that way." idk why anyone hasn't mentioned the example of the earth being round nd revolving around the sun. this was refuted by the church... and then accepted it. did religion crumble? no. though if science could prove everything, it may take a small hit when most people have a problem they think logically. if they can't understand the problem, not everyone would go 'whoaaaaaaaa god's f*****g with us here.' even if everything can be explained rationally by science, some people will still have their own beliefs and even conceptions of god.
  8. f**k Off Biology

    so your teacher told you the test is long and to make up for it- she'll give everyone ten points. so you take your time and are then mad because you didn't finish.
  9. [Official] Dota2

    maybe they're using high level strats that you can't comprehend. perhaps you're the baddie who's going in to feed and your team is just thinking 'wtf... i am not tping into that.' then they decide to come in your lane to take your farm because it's worthless if you have it. my tip for you is to get good.
  10. Playing On Tilt

    yes yes, or maybe 'tilt' is when you stop getting teams that will carry you're noob ***. once you stop winning games: "man... i'm on tilt"
  11. New Got Trailer

    dumbledore dies
  12. Disney Appreciation Thread

    any of you disney guys play kingdom hearts?
  13. Disney Appreciation Thread

    man i even think this newfag song is good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQaN59JcRPo