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  1. Wish Us Luck

    what is this
  2. Deadman's Mode ^__^y

    7 lvls loss seems like too much o.O just like losing ur entire bank also seems rather r******d, progressing through low lvls and low bank will be all that matters instead of some actual pvp fun
  3. Mm Forums Activity 2015

    yes lmfao i remember telling myself, ONCE U TURN 18, U MUST QUIT EVERYTHING RS RELATED COMPLETELY. i did not. :(
  4. Mm Forums Activity 2015

    i just like big a***s
  5. still mindblowing to me why people pick lol over hon, unless ure 10 years old and stupid in the face
  6. It's Happening!

    that coulda been me :( .... if i hadnt discovered women+alcohol.. congrats
  7. Do You Believe In Magic?

  8. Everyone Get In Here Jawn Alert

    grosssssss why would text
  9. Eop Has Returned!

    who the fk is danwalde lmfao
  10. So I Moved To England

    why would u move to england omg
  11. Petition To Ban Furious

    sometimes i miss the days where we almost daily took out our gigantic cocks and dry a**l r***d anyone we felt like gud times