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  1. Ddr Legend?

    actually no, there's an unwritten rule to ddr machines if you wanna play, put a coin on little indent ledge i always thought it was like a donation that people were giving them to let them play more lol anyways, if i see someone wanting to play or watching ill offer to let them play, typically they're just watching me be a badass tho :f yeah: and no i'm not asian, i'm white
  2. Ddr Legend?

    thanks i'm always getting complements on it
  3. Ddr Legend?

    found on old video from new years, am i good at ddr or wat? edit: just got confirmation that my ddr pad is finally being shipped :) -> $300 metal dance pad for ddr
  4. 90/94

  5. I Am The 20%

  6. 99 + 1500

    good job, wasted a f ton of money on a useless skill! +1 to you
  7. Stinger Wtf