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  1. I don't know why you were banned.

    1. Ross P2P

      Ross P2P

      I wish you were dead

  2. This Had To Be Public

    And I'm done posting here I have stuff to do so he can argue against air.
  3. This Had To Be Public

    I don't have his cash and I'm not sure what I'd do if I did. Probably give it to bob green for mm business.
  4. This Had To Be Public

    So you knew people were using it but because you're not sure about 1 person that I have proved innocent I must pay you. The deal was you use it and I hold 16m in case my sht gets taken from it which is what happened. I'll just be selfish like you and have those kind of replies. I feel bad when I make similar posts as you.
  5. Math Question

    I did this 5 years ago. I don't remember now noobs. It's to help someone.
  6. This Had To Be Public

    1) I don't know half the people in vet chat. They aren't from my era. 2) I don't want to accuse you of scamming, you're the one accusing me. 3) 1 person along with you was using my account, mainly my pure. He had access to 400$ and never took it. My pure was left untouched and his IP was never found on my main. Come at me when you have proof. You had full access to my account so you are as responsible as me. Your logic is; your account your fault. I could have a similar logic, you wanted to use it at your own risk. I'm not a fucking insurance company and everything is not my fault just because I want to help you. I'm done posting here.
  7. Math Question

    3) It's in french but it just means evaluate the limit. I musta forgot how to do this and this isn't for me.
  8. This Had To Be Public

    This will sound too familiar as sht like that always happen when I'm being too nice and I try to help nikkas out. 2006 or 2013, you can trust no one. You all know I was willing to let someone use my main if they gave me collateral in return for the gear there was on there. Parm did so and used it for a period of time while I was maxing 0dac. Once 0dac was maxed I got busy irl and stopped playing as often. One day I logged on my main to find it in lumbridge with no gear on and a weird IP at the logging screen only to find that the bank was cleared of all valuable items. Seeing dat drama coming from miles away, I messaged parm to ask him if he took the stuff and obviously he said no. I provided him the culprit's IP but he supposedly found no match on here. I had about 4m on 0dac (that I later gave to d4rk because I actually owed him money and still got a bit to pay). At that point I discussed with Parm and he seemed to not really care which is weird. So I guess I just waited until we found a culprit to see if one of us had been hacked (can't really be me since 0dac was left untouched but you could say the same thing for Parm) and I got busy irl a lot so it's been like 3 months. Now he's asking for money and tells me it's not his fault if I got hacked and that I should buy him rsgp. I'm saying I never got hacked and I'm certainly not going to spend real life money while I still don't know if he took it or not. That being said, if someone has a decent bot that could farm 300k/hour or something like that I'd be willing to pay half of it or even all of it just to buy PEACE. If not then I will not buy rsgp and I will not spend 50 hours of farming to pay him until we find the culprit. That's fucked up because all I wanted was to help the community without getting scammed but I guess account sharing with people you don't know much never ends well. Thank you for your understanding and empathy. As we speak, Parm has made a biased topic with a poll to ban me in a restricted forum area where most people are his butt buddies. I felt like this had to be public. My last post in his topic. If I get banned, peace sons. I know y'all shall remember me.
  9. Alright Trolls:) Bye:)

    I agree I used to hustle hard into this clan I never gave up now they're saying that's a clever nigga from day 1 forever ballin
  10. Alright Trolls:) Bye:)

  11. Alright Trolls:) Bye:)

  12. Alright Trolls:) Bye:)

    nah but srsly sleepy why are you leading faithful member's out of this clan. Where a team we should stick together..... oh well your giving foe faithful member's while where having a hard time winning fight's but i dont care cuz i got a life in real life but seriously dont you have better thing's to do then annoy those faithful member's
  13. Alright Trolls:) Bye:)

    Thanks for the lulz
  14. Dev Blog: New Rewards

    Lmao you are so creative all you do is abuse your power's there was no reason for you to banned me from ts when me and friend's where talking lmao are you still mad about what happend? I apologized how many time's just keep abusing you seem to have a lot of people who like you in teamspeak haha sike. But i don't but the abuse your obv still not grown up yet sport it will take time.
  15. Help Me Build My Master Yii

    Sup even tho I go 21-0 and I'm always the baddest mtfer of my team, I have no idea what items to get and sht... I only spend my money on whatever i can buy... There has to be a better way r0fl. halp