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  1. Which pure clan are u in?

    ub obv
  2. Guess who

    i recovered my pw to tell you to hang urself
  3. he only killed 6 people he isnt alpha
  4. Lmfao

    i hate that french princess so much
  5. Am I Going To Hell For This?

    utter annihilation
  6. Letter Of Application

    lmfao u dont have a car
  7. My Letter Of Resignation

    u shud resign from life
  8. Vikings Season 3

    poor ragnar just wants to talk to his christian friend
  9. Mains Of Mayhem

    eos/rot if u want a trollfest
  10. Eop Closed

  11. Furious' Elite Training Log

    going to be funny when you get declined
  12. Anyone Main Clanning?

    Considering joining a mid sized clan