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  1. If you need a spare account Elmo, hit me up (either in PM here or the rare moment that you may catch my rs3 acc online). It's only 50 or 51 cmb so needs a little bit of training but otherwise it's ready to go.
  2. I decided to max

    About 37
  3. I decided to max

    Bringing some activity back to this section with your favourite game.

    This shows I should clearly be spymaster 

    I never answered anyone, except Meklo yesterday, when someone asked who I was. Ross said I was R3lv, I told him in pm after as well to pick someone else, but I couldn't say that in chat and changing my undercover identity was impossible. I was just hanging out for a bit of fun.

    Been training this guy for a week or so now. Also has 117 qp.   Am I missing anything for my return tab?
  7. @Piers

    Well, that sure went awfully fine first half.
  8. RIP Dom

    riperoni in pieces
  9. While I totally understand the brits' reasons of leaving: Damn you all, now there's one less wealthy country to 'help' out every east or south European country with 'development' and save greece for the 734th time. This means it will start costing the wealthy EU-nations more money (Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Austria mainly). 
  10. Shipudden

    No it isn't. It's for the lazy people that cant be assed to read, anything dubbed does not track the expressions and emotions of characters better than subs. However, I am not one to argue about it a lot but I might unleash the Weebs
  11. Shipudden


    That sounds atrocious, I am all for balanced teams, but thats pure stall (Let's forget that I once stalled Riggz for well over 100 turns with a team that had no attacking moves on it for shits n giggles). However, I don't see why Durant had to be banned. It has been in the tier basically since the start of ORAS. But yea, sadly stall is mostly the way to a decently high rank relatively quickly, because most sane people just say f**k it when they see a stall team. 

    Sounds like an incoming quick-ban. Even though it wasn't going to do well against Honchkrow, the removal of Amoonguss hasn't helped with the bulk either. Sub-CM/SD Virizion now has had one of its major checks removed from the tier as well. RU is starting to sound more and more like a hyperoffense tier

    I haven't been on showdown a lot recently, but Honchkrow in RU sounds ridiculously broken with its coverage as well its decent special attack to back up his good physical attack + Moxie. Most walls will have issues switching in on this to take two hits, especially if the life-orb set is still the common one. While I'm not sure if coverage like brave bird/heat wave/s****r punch or night slash/steel wing is allowed, it hits nearly everthing in the tier pretty hard. Also, since Sylveon is now in UU, RU might see Florges soon. Sadly thunder wave has seen a big rise in usage since people noticed speed control is more important than damage over time with burns and toxics, unless it is on walls.