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  1. @Piers

    Well, that sure went awfully fine first half.
  2. RIP Dom

    riperoni in pieces
  3. While I totally understand the brits' reasons of leaving: Damn you all, now there's one less wealthy country to 'help' out every east or south European country with 'development' and save greece for the 734th time. This means it will start costing the wealthy EU-nations more money (Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Austria mainly). 
  4. Shipudden

    No it isn't. It's for the lazy people that cant be assed to read, anything dubbed does not track the expressions and emotions of characters better than subs. However, I am not one to argue about it a lot but I might unleash the Weebs
  5. Shipudden


    That sounds atrocious, I am all for balanced teams, but thats pure stall (Let's forget that I once stalled Riggz for well over 100 turns with a team that had no attacking moves on it for shits n giggles). However, I don't see why Durant had to be banned. It has been in the tier basically since the start of ORAS. But yea, sadly stall is mostly the way to a decently high rank relatively quickly, because most sane people just say f**k it when they see a stall team. 

    Sounds like an incoming quick-ban. Even though it wasn't going to do well against Honchkrow, the removal of Amoonguss hasn't helped with the bulk either. Sub-CM/SD Virizion now has had one of its major checks removed from the tier as well. RU is starting to sound more and more like a hyperoffense tier

    I haven't been on showdown a lot recently, but Honchkrow in RU sounds ridiculously broken with its coverage as well its decent special attack to back up his good physical attack + Moxie. Most walls will have issues switching in on this to take two hits, especially if the life-orb set is still the common one. While I'm not sure if coverage like brave bird/heat wave/s****r punch or night slash/steel wing is allowed, it hits nearly everthing in the tier pretty hard. Also, since Sylveon is now in UU, RU might see Florges soon. Sadly thunder wave has seen a big rise in usage since people noticed speed control is more important than damage over time with burns and toxics, unless it is on walls. 

    That's the beauty of not knowing enough - Theories flying about which is part of the fun before more announcements are made. I wouldn't mind a water/ground type either, as long as its not defensive like swampert. Although, its appearance would imply a more defensive pokemen which could have something like thick fat due to being a seal.   OU is nothing but stall, that is why I dont play it. This is perfectly exemplified by this month's tier changes which shifted Amoonguss from RU -> OU, Zapdos UU -> OU and Quagsire NU -> OU. I'm not a big fan of OU in general though, I RU and UU from the regular tiers, although I also like building teams for NU/PU. However, my favourite tiers are the custom ABCAB or Mix and Mega due to the large variety.

    Rowlet and Litten look pretty nice, Popplio has clearly drawn the short straw design wise. For Rowlet's sake I hope it changes type as it evolves for it to have some sort of a competitive prowess. The Grass/Flying type is very poor with the presence of things like Weavile and Mamoswine with ice shard. For Litten I want to see it gain a secondary dark typing as its black/red designs seems to fit it. For Popplio I don't really know what I want. However, if Rowlet maintains its flying type and Litten becomes a secondary dark type, their secondary types are super effective on those of the Gen VI starters. If that is a theme that will also apply to Popplio, not taking into account Greninja's Protean, it would have to get a fighting, fairy or bug secondary typing. Out of these, either fighting or fairy seem most appropriate, depending on the direction they take with its clown-like evolutions. With regards to the legendaries I like both. Mega-Pyroar the sun legend looks ferocious, but not overly bulky or big like most ferocious pokemon (e.g. Steelix, Aggron, Conkeldurr, Garchomp, Salamence, etc.). Furthermore, it actually looks like a pokemon unlike the gen IV and V main-game legendaries. The moon legendary looks decent, but I think that I prefer the Pyroar wannabe. I have had these games pre-ordered since the first little leaks/announcements were made in february or so, I can't wait.
  11. goat

    Slurp slurp for streamer favouritism.
  12. For the clan (again)

    not even 2k total
  13. Question about Grand Exchange

    I am pretty sure the buy limit resets every 4 hours. If you would like to buy 200k of a type of rune, you can leave it in for 32 hours and, assuming prices remain constant, it will get you the 200k runes within a single offer.
  14. JFT96

    It took a while, but at least the final verdict has now been made.