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  1. Ironman? Has anyone tried it out

    Ironman is great.
  2. Whats up people

    IR, really? What happened to actual clans. Also, Hi.
  3. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    Clearly, let's ban everyone on his friends list
  4. Waddup.

    I am, but very sporadically. I just logged in to congratulate him and logged off straight after.   Grats m8.
  5. Sure, check your pm
  6. If you need a spare account Elmo, hit me up (either in PM here or the rare moment that you may catch my rs3 acc online). It's only 50 or 51 cmb so needs a little bit of training but otherwise it's ready to go.
  7. I decided to max

    About 37
  8. I decided to max

    Bringing some activity back to this section with your favourite game.

    This shows I should clearly be spymaster 

    I never answered anyone, except Meklo yesterday, when someone asked who I was. Ross said I was R3lv, I told him in pm after as well to pick someone else, but I couldn't say that in chat and changing my undercover identity was impossible. I was just hanging out for a bit of fun.

    Been training this guy for a week or so now. Also has 117 qp.   Am I missing anything for my return tab?
  12. @Piers

    Well, that sure went awfully fine first half.
  13. RIP Dom

    riperoni in pieces
  14. While I totally understand the brits' reasons of leaving: Damn you all, now there's one less wealthy country to 'help' out every east or south European country with 'development' and save greece for the 734th time. This means it will start costing the wealthy EU-nations more money (Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Austria mainly).