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  1. [Official] Dota2

  2. [Official] Dota2

    1. Runekas (on Axe) -- POWERGAP -- -- POWERGAP -- 2. Me (any hero) -- POWERGAP -- 3. Mantas (playing Overthrow) 4. Piers -- POWERGAP -- 5. Etho (on Broodmother) 6. Parm (when Mantas is on his account) 7. Furious / Mantas 8. Adam 9. Parm 10. Etho (on Puck)
  3. [Official] Dota2

  4. I live in my mom's attic, so I'm clearly not the guy you're looking for I can help you out, but I wouldn't have enough time on my hands to work on it alone.
  5. All Mm Invited To Wedding Party Etho

    Doubt I'll come, it's a 6 hour drive for me
  6. Name Most Famous Zerker Pures Pre-Turmoil

    You live in California now? That's cool
  7. [Official] Dota2

  8. [Official] Dota2

    It sucks the life out of me
  9. Do U Shave Ur Belly Or Na?

    A common misconception in this thread and in general is that hair grows faster when it is cut. That is simply not true.
  10. Am I Going To Hell For This?

    I don't understand why people give money to these girls =/
  11. Are You A Weeaboo

    I can't sit through him putting on that voice..
  12. cool signature null, did you make that?

    1. ava golbin

      ava golbin

      lol noob get your own

    2. Null


      no lmao google image search, u'll find the artist

  13. Better Call Saul And Wolf Hall

    Better Call Saul is a great drama with great characters
  14. World Tracker For 07 Source

    what sublime packages are you using?
  15. Vps Questions

    Not sure about the ports, but you can use cron jobs for the autoupdate s**t http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-add-jobs-to-cron-under-linux-or-unix-oses/