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  1. you guys are gaywods

    Thanks Blazey.
  2. Stove's newest pk video

  3. If anyone’s down for it. I’ll pay. :P I still have to decide what I’m doing today. Maybe I’ll just say f**k it and do universal studios today and Disneyland tomorrow (I found a cheap shuttle and ticket that picks me up and drops me off at my hotel). I figure I can’t go wrong that way, it’ll just be pricey ahah. Thanks for all the help guys. <3 Send me some d**k pics on snapchat, name is sneeaaky
  4. Leaving Santa Monica early Friday morning. Already done all the touristy LA s**t when I was young so don't care about that. I've done my share of walking around the Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood and a bit of the Beverly Hills areas eating some good food and reading some books. I even got to meet a good friend from Ventura County but since she can't take anymore days off work I'm kinda stuck and don't know what to do anymore (thinking about going up there but idk :c). Give me some ideas or come have a beer with me.
  5. All Mm Invited To Wedding Party Etho

    A month too early otherwise I'd have been in the area. Congratulations, friend.
  6. Good Raccoon Or Fox Videos

    You can have foxes as pets but it depends on your state's laws (I don't know how reliable this is) and it's like $6-8k for a domesticated one (you have to get them from some lab in Siberia).
  7. Hey Guys, I'm Back.

  8. How To Tell If You're Huge (Official Test)

    I've always been pretty tiny.
  9. Barrows Gloves

    Pixel pizzafriend, pls.
  10. Junior Hockey World Championships

    Canadaaaa. I'm going to the Finland vs. Slovakia game today.
  11. Merry Xmas Mates

    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays friends. You're all a bunch of cuties.
  12. Looking To Buy A New Laptop

    I wonder why they downgraded the processor. The old Y400 was so much better for the same price. I can say that the Y40 will be the best bang-for-your-buck and they're great, lasting laptops (I have the Y400), but that processor might be a little weak. However, you'll end up spend $1k+ for anything better.