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  1. Gz [Tlp]Hanu

    grats on getting ranked in a s**t clan
  2. 1 Pray Master Race

    damn I kinda want a f2p pure
  3. Nice

    I'm not saying I'm oldschool lol. And even if I was unborn I'm sure more people know me then they know you lol so go crawl back into your hole
  4. Nice

    Way to change the subject doesn't change the fact that all the new ranks are f*****g trolls I'm not surprised that mm didn't reopen wouldn't of lasted with all these s**t. New ranks
  5. Nice

    Pretty f*****g stupid lol ranks should be ashamed feel bad for the people who wasted their time training up a new acc
  6. Fish

  7. 2 Years Late But..

  8. Hai!

    hodgez pure or something i think thats him tho
  9. :)

    Payed him back like 2yrs ago but ok mate
  10. Mm Public Fc And W328

    Oh my the hype is real
  11. :)

  12. It Just Never Gets Old